Wednesday, May 18

My ballpark quibbles

Victor said they're great seats but for the Tuesday Game. That's poker night! Do I cancel my game for the Dodgers? His GF gets them from her boss who is a season ticket holder. I suspect he might have invited me to make the experience more bearable with his GF alongside and needs an excuse to have a cigarette since he is now domesticated and isn't allowed to smoke anymore, poor guy (and he calls me a softy for my sentimentally written blogs, who's the softy now biatchh). They went to her first Dodger Game a few weeks ago and Victor hoped she wouldn't enjoy the game and possibly surrender all her remaining tickets to his disposal. Women are great company but they take entirely too much time getting ready for a ballgame. Maybe its that Jumbotron they're worried about or perhaps the Kiss Cam, I dunno. So does he have an Agenda? He said they're great seats, so okaay I cancel my Poker Game.

Not bad huh?

Ok Eight Rows above the Dodger Dugout. Pretty close when you hear the Umpire calling balls and strikes. Thanks Victor this was absolutely worth changing my sched. It'd been Perfect if we made batting practice but of course that would mean leaving the girls behind, maybe next time then.

2nd inning, Dodgers are up 4 zip and i take this opportunity to show my appreciation for the free game with a couple of brewskies for Victor and the GF. I stand in line for 20 minutes only to realize I left my DL at home and the cashier lady wouldn't have it. "don't I look old enough?" I stammered, but she just looked at me with her brows creased with the most sinister face she could muster'. "OKAAY I GET THE POINT" I bark back and slowly walk away feeling defeated. Damn it that was stupid.

Some Ballpark observation and quibbles

Our seats are season tickets with a $70 face value, expensive for a baseball game with 80 home games. This guy has 4 of them, thats $22,400.00 for the Season. Sounds somewhat uninspiring. Immediately to my left were three distinguised looking gentlemen in expensive suits and a lady in Dolce & Gabbana prescription glasses who arrived in the middle of the 3rd inning and departed in the bottom of the 6th. They didnt stay long enough for the 7th inning stretch and talked business while eating Dodger Dogs impervious to the game. I wanted to scream "HELLOOO theres a ballgame here" but wanted to pretend and behave like a true Season TIcket Holder, shit.The lady was nice and graceful enough to involve herself in a short and concise conversation about my seasoned fries, "i cant eat those anymore" she exclaimed with a slight tone of regret. I wanted to say "So What, yer wearing a business suit at a Dodger Game and a pair of $2000.00 prescription glasses" but instead i respond with "oh thats too bad they're great, but i think i understand why" in my best American accent and she retorts with a simple smile while i take another swig of my Beer to ease the pain. "Bitch" i cursed under my breath.

Hahaha perhaps i'm just envious. The seats was my best ever and it came with a perpendicular angle of the Pitcher and Batter. I could even tell the pitches apart from a fastball, breaking ball or even the change up before they post it on the Board.

And oh yea. to the Rich Kid seated just above the Dodger dugout who received two free balls from the dugout. F YOU!


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I'm tired of the red, Maguire...


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