Thursday, June 2

I like a nice ass

These pictures taken from the Laguna Seca Track on 4/29/2005 during the Grand American race weekend.

This car below is one of 7 cars built for the Nicholas Cage movie "Gone in 60 seconds", 1967 Mustang Shelby GT 500, they called her Eleanor. Why 7 you might ask? Well each car had its function, one car was built with stiffer suspension and a more precice steering ratio for the highspeed chase others were for cruising others for show and one Jerry Bruckheimer kept for himself...
This ass is.. hmmm Voluptuous!

Here we have a pair of 308 Berlinetta's and a 550 Maranello.

Italian, with model like features, long and lean with sharp curves and built with a purpose.. to go fast and look goooood, Sofia Lorenisque! (in lingerie)

Okay i like a big ass as well. The GT2, its the 911 with bi-turbos, may be tooo HOT to handle. She is a looker, sort of like a girl with a nice big ass and real breast.

Classy, brass but with panache. Porsche's Limited Flagship GT Carrera. Forget about it man this is like the girl you fell in love with that got away. (J)

A 71 911 & 73 RS Like fine brandy they get better with age. The unforgetable cars of the 60's and early 70's. Cars that pioneered and inspired many revolutionary car designs and racing technology. I guess you can say a "Fine Ass"...

Okay here's a bonus, this pic taken from the NHRA compact sports race in Pomona, Oct 2004.

I like the exhaust on this one!


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