Wednesday, June 29

Chop house

The Saddle Ranch in City Walk has a caption underneath the name and it says "Chop House"... that isn't a poker term is it? Ya I know everything that comes out of my mouth is poker now a days. Maybe they specialize in pork chops? Coz house of chop sounds like a poker room that chops the pot... lol

Oddly "Chop House" reminded me of snowboarding, see in poker terms "to chop" is to split the money pot by the remaining players. "Chop House" somehow translated to having endured halfway through the year before its snowboarding season again. It should start around early November before we go ALL IN again.. Err snowboarding again. Ya Kris i'll be there at 4:45 am!

Can u believe its already July? See for the Poker enthusiast July means the World Series of Poker in Vegas, 45 different events should make for another great coverage by ESPN.... ahh that's drama "ala TNT"... We love drama. By the time we've all seen the coverage it'll be the end of August then before you know it the rains come and once the again the mountains and the snowboarders will marry and do their song and dance....

In the mean time five of my friends recently had their first born and a dear friend is getting married in August. August, ya my dreaded month this year because I turn the big "Three O". Friends having children or marrying in the same year I turn 30 feels as though its some kind of a foreboding. I started asking myself whether having children or tying the knot was some sort of a trend. But of course no matter how hard i tried i couldn't convince myself of that, the real reason is that i'm getting old, yes us children are getting old.... To friends who are brave or fortunate enough to venture into the holy convenant of marriage and bear children, well done, and to you all of my love.


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