Sunday, June 12

Hey did you think of sex?

The EROTICA LA. I've actually had the opportunity to go 3 years in a row but this is my first time. Can I say I am a porn patron? ... uhmmm well somewhat. I don't have a DVD collection but I do enjoy watching and rent periodically.

Frank had an interesting point, he said he is Jaded. I suppose one too many trips to strip joints and TJ will do that to you and If Jeopardy had a "Porn stars of yore" category Frankie would totally Ace it. Me on the other hand actually enjoyed the experience, maybe too much. But no I wasn't willing to wait in line for a Jenna autograph and picture, her line was about 3 blocks long, insane. These people waited in line vigorously as if she was giving freebies. Sure Jenna is hot and one of the best porn stars if not the best but is she deserving of all this revere? That said if I had the opportunity to take a picture and a quick chat, I'd taken it in a heartbeat but there's no way in hell I'm waiting 30-60 minutes for the privilege.

Below is one of Jenna's girls, Jessica Capelli an up and comer (according to Adrian). She was in Jenna's booth. Eventhough Jenna was the mainstay of the booth and the convention i think Jessica was far more beautiful and elegant. I'm no make up artist but hers was well done and not dolled up or superfluous like Jenna's. Jenna was great looking but a little excessive on the makeup for my taste.

I also was able to take a close up picture of Sandee Westgate one of my favorites. LOL

An interesting question was asked of me from a woman friend after she found out i was at the Erotica LA. "Did you think of sex?". It occured to me (after she asked) that i did not think of sex at all, for a moment i found it odd and wondered why i didn't. Maybe i did think of it in my subconcious, or maybe i was so in awe of their physical beauty that my psyche abandoned the shows sexual appeal, wait this is a porn convention... isn't it? Yes i know that sounds a bit ambiguous or downright retarded but shit i really didn't think of sex.


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