Thursday, July 14

The wrong bluff

This hand from a recent tournament

This was a small tournament that consisted only seven players, 3000 in chips and no rebuys. I had over 8K in chips and the rest to "Player 1", just under 14 K.

On the small blind i limp in with "K 9" offsuit while Player 1 checks on the big blind with the blinds at 200-400. The flop is " K 9 10" rainbow, i check the flop and Player 1 quickly bet 1K, i contemplated a raise but eventually decided to check. This hand became ugly with a Jack on the turn which i checked in case Player 1 had a queen and a made straight. After a short stare down from Player 1 he also checked fearing maybe that i made a straight. The river a Queen to make a straight on the board.

I once again checked which was followed by a immediate ALL IN from Player 1. The pot size before the ALL IN was 2800, Player 1's ALL IN bet puts me ALL IN if i call. Of course my two pairs were no longer good with a straigt on the board. "Ace is the nuts" i thought and laid down my hand. Player 1 showed a "7 4" offsuit with a somewhat bewildered look on his face that seem to bide the question "why didn't i call?" after all there is a straight on the board. Of course if i had bet the turn the pot was mine but why did he go ALL IN? Was it worth taking down a 2800 pot and risk losing 7K of his remaining 11K in chips? I immediately shunned the idea of "good read" and instead thought it was a bad move considering he didn't actually have the nuts and perhaps forgot that important fact..

Another bad move

This hand from the same night on the second tournament. The same Player 1 called from the button after a raise was made from the first position, total of four players in the hand with all the players virtually the same chip count. The flop is "9 5 7" rainbow, the first 3 players checked, Player 1 from the button moved ALL IN with an "Ace Queen" offsuit. The winning hand which was "10 9" held by one of the callers folded fearing i'm sure a set from Player 1. Player 1 showed this bluff or maybe what he thought was a "good read".



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