Sunday, July 10

It pays the bills

A good part of my adult working life has been spent in Technical Support. Anyone who has ever worked in Support knows that this field isn't for everyone, some people just aren't built for this. Yes it isn't for the meek mind or the feeble of hearts, tranquility and fortitude is the key. Generally Support representatives think that clients are "Clueless & Stupid", but that is not always the case. Being stupid is only a bi-product, lack of product knowledge & in our industry, not being internet savvy usually equates to stupidity or what appears to be stupid. Of course there are exeptions to the rule but that is rare. Our clients have business plans and relatively make good revenue, their only downfall is mistakes due lack of industry and product knowledge. I do hate the clients who seem to have no grasp of what they're doing or clients who argue for the sake of arguing alone and not for resolve. Fucken people man!

Well i never actually intended to be in this field, lets just say it sort of fell on my lap. Anyway the pay is not bad. It pays the bill, right? Yes thats how many people feel about their jobs. I'm starting to feel that way about my work as well, but i think that at some point everyone feels the same way about work unless you're in the rare platform of people who do what they love to do for a living or work in a certain fields of their calling. Then maybe, just maybe you can say it is gratifying & meaningful. I know i am starting to sound cynical but were talking about work, who do you know isn't cynical about their work?

My list of dream jobs

- National Geographic correspondent
- Pro Baseball player (as a pitcher)
- Pro Basketball
- Police Detective and work in RHD (robbery homicide division)
- LAPD SID (scientific investigations department)
- Forensic pathologist
- Navy Pilot or Fire Controlman
- Own a Honda Dealership and drive to work in a Porsche and bring
lunch that my mom made.
- play poker part time
- and ultimately, drive race cars for a living


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