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Gengis Khan for a day

7/9/2005 Edison's Poker Tournament

Bad payout, bad format, bad & extremely late players... To sum
it all up.

We actually had a analysis session about "fullhouse kicker" and
"Ace 2 3 4 5" is the highest straight in Vegas. Yea really..

FOR THE RECORD: The analysis session and bad players is only due
to lack of experience & not improficience.

The game was slated to start at 2 PM which I expected to start
at 2 pm, Filipino time, right? This tournament started at almost
6 pm, yes 4 hours late. Edison’s set up was actually good (not
impressive but good .. hehe Sori Ed) blind structure was
reasonable, table setup and seating was excellent (table cloth
would've been nice) and the rebuy sessions made really exciting
poker (exciting is never necessarily good).

How about we talk about some exciting hands? (again exciting is
never necessarily good)

Right off the bat I doubled up and knocked out William (the
eventual winner). After the whole table limped in William makes
a standard raise on the late position which I re-raised tenfold
with pocket queens. I was sure William had an Ace and possibly
one other limper, William calls after a short deliberation. I
flop a set (with an Ace on the flop) which I checked and as I
expected William moved ALL IN. William doubled me up about 3
more times after this hand but this was after he was holding the
commanding chip lead, "he covered the world" as Adrian likes to
put it.

Everyone succumbed to William, it was his day under the sun and
he wasn't to be denied. Of course no one seemed to notice this as they kept battling him for some chips as I watched them fall
one by one. Everyone on my table made rebuys (which is rare),
there is usually one or two players dominating, well until
William went on an omnipotent rush and took down every pot he
was involved with.

I observed my table real well and I always knew the kind of hand
I was going up against but I went into a bad run of cards and
the blinds ate away at my chips. I knew which player would risk
all his chips on a draw or a bottom pair and what kind of hands
they liked to play. William for example would play any face card with no kicker and Jason (player on my right) likes to go over
the top with two overcards (without regard to what the flop
might incite) and Kitty, k lets just call her” Miss Bluffer". I
was sure I was going to make the final table and hope for 2nd or
3rd place since William this day was infallible, all I had to do was stay away from him.

Hey how about Kitty's bad bluff before we move on to the final
table? (Sori Kit i cant help it... lol)

Mark made a standard raise from the mid position which was
promptly re-raise by Kitty from the button. Somehow i already
knew this was a bluff, the raise was called by Mark. Mark did
not play a lot hands and liked to limp in and raised
occasionally with a pocket pair (which he likes to check when he
doesn’t hit the flop or bet when he hits the flop), a poker trait that Kitty failed to pick up on. The flop came "7 5 3" rainbow. Mark makes his original bet, i half expected Kitty to raise this hand (she likes to bluff) but after getting called pre flop with a re-raise then a bet on the flop i thought she may actually fold the hand. Mark is a novice player and doesn't quite know when and how to bluff, he bet the flop with a set of 5's and Kitty the relentless Bluffer decided to make another play at the pot and moved ALL IN. Of course Mark called right away and opened his cards, Kit smirked and reluctantly showed "8 2" offsuit and said "fucker ur supposed to be scared". LOL she bluffed with the worst hand in poker, Kit yer watching too much Celebrity Poker showdowns haha!

Piece of advice young Bluffer. "Always have outs when bluffing", this from Poker Great and Hall of Famer Doyle Brunson's best selling book "Super System". Okay how about a piece of advice from my own words?..... okay here it is "never bluff for the sake of bluffing".... hahah i know i know i'm just rubbing it in.

The Final Table, one of the fastest final tables I’ve
ever seen. After three hands we were down to 4 players.

The first hand

Jay limped in from the first position, i folded and so did the
next three players. A standard raise was made by a late position player which was quickly re-raised by William to an enormous
amount of chips which he actually did not count (he just knew it was a lot of chips). Jay folded Ace 4, the midposition player
who originally raised went ALL IN which wasn't much more than
Williams re-raise. William had "Jack 2" offsuit and mid position player had KK. William rivered a straight, applause all around.

The second hand

Jay who was first to act makes a standard raise with pocket 7's. A mid position player calls with pocket 5's and once again
William went over the top with a rack of chips that put the
whole table ALL IN. The two players called and went ALL IN
against William's "Queen 6" offsuit. In my head i thought "these guys must be crazy". Of course they were making the correct moves but this tournament was hardly about the correct moves.The flop, two Aces and two tens and a deuce on the river, Williams knocks out two players with his Queen kicker.

The third hand

Jay was just knocked out which makes me the big blind. William
makes another enormous bet which is now just innocuous except
for the fact that he keeps winning (this raise put everyone ALL
IN). The next player went ALL IN for just over 3000 with "Queen
8" offsuit (lets call him player 1). The next player (lets call
him player 2) who was second in chip lead couldn't resist and
went ALL IN with "Ace 10" offsuit. On the big blind i see "AK"
of diamonds, with only 1650 in chips and the blinds at 200-400 i couldn't really afford to let this go, but fact is William was
in the hand and so was 2nd in chip lead. With a 4-1 odds for my
chips i decide to go against my dogma and take a gamble. Player
1 wins the hand with four clubs on the board (he had queen of
clubs), William with Jack 4 wins the side pot against player 2's Ace 10 with a 4 on the board. His Jack 4 would have knocked me
out of the tournament anyhow, Karma got the best of my dogma. Fuck!

As stated earlier William won the tournament. I removed myself
from this bad place soon after i was knocked out and decided to
call Edison the next day for tournament updates. I wanted to
hear Edison say William floundered but i didn't expect it. I
heard just as i expected, fate had it for William. Genhis Khan for a day.


At 12:54 AM, Blogger zenmasta said...

Hey Bam...

I'd like to blog what was happening with Table #2 but I'll just flop it in here:

Remember I told everyone I lost 'cause I was short stack? That's entirely untrue. I was monster stack. I mean MONSTER STACK. I was up 4600 when I left but I just divided them to each player. I was responsible for 6 rebuys. Reason being: Bad players. The all ins I faced were very alarming, i.e. Q 6, K 7, J 8, K 5... And these were pre-flop hands.

Like I said, I played my game. Folded the first 9 hands, just to study the players and their styles. It was watching, as you put it, Celebrity Poker Showdown.
What bothered me the most was that when I went all in, I get automatically called with nothing. Not even a draw. Not even close to a semi-bluff. They were all good guys but bad players, well except for Jay. He's cool. But I knew his game.

To sum it up: I played less than two hours. If we started at the original time, we both knew we would survive. The message of that day was: YOU WILL ALWAYS GET A CALL.


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