Sunday, August 7

Days of yore, a Lesbian tale

It's good to see old friends, to look into their familiar eyes, to ask how they're doing and to relive days of yore, or to frolic if nothing else. Clubbing is not my forte (it feels as though I'm outside my skin) but given a good reason I'll put forth the effort and in this case Vanny's 29th Birthday, she is an old pals ex gf. As whimsical and loud as anyone can get, corky and with a supple mind, that's how I remember Vanny. I didn't realize she was that old, err let me rephrase that, at that age and she certainly looks much younger (specially in spirits, lol). Of course the determining factor to my resurgence from Clubbing obscurity was Vanny's pervasive and provocative lesbian antics (Thank you Vanny).

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