Wednesday, August 3

and his name is Dustin?

I have a woman friend who is now single after several years of a tormenting relationship, to say the least. She is now in the big ocean of single people who have to cycle through the horrid and unpleasant dating process. Unpleasant if you become critical about you're expectations, but its fun when you actually let loose of you're inhibitions and just meet people (for once, damn the consequences). I don't suggest promiscuity, not at all but be selective, make sure there isn't any psychotic behavior or potential then its okay to go out. Haha

And his name is Dustin? My first thought, "was he named after Dustin Hoffman?". She is sort of seeing this guy Dustin, a short Filipino guy, now isn't that interesting... His name is Dustin and he is short. Hmmm initially I resisted the urge to ask but I kept pondering the thought and it was driving me up the wall. I mean how many Filipinos do you know is named Dustin? It's not a Filipino name to begin with but its not uncommon for a Filipino guy to have an American sounding name. My name is Marc, I'm Filipino and I was not named after anyone but there are plenty of Filipinos named Marc, in fact I know five of them (and two of them with a C). The point is, why did his parents name him Dustin? Are they Hoffman fans? Now we all know that first generation Filipinos here in America (our parents, uncles etc) love American movies. In fact the Oscars & Golden Gloves are a tradition in my home & I'm sure many other Filipino homes, every Filipino parent can name all of the familiar actors so I was pretty sure there was a connection. My friend didn't want to ask him, perhaps she felt silly inquiring whether he was named after a short actor and possibly offending his ass. (But I think I had a valid point so I kept at it relentlessly like a Detective in a Double Murder Case)

After a few or so weeks, maybe out of her own curiosity (or my annoyance) she finally asked Dustin. Now I'd done anything to be a fly on the wall during that conversation, hahahah I mean how did it go down? Uhmm Dustin, were you named after Dustin Hoffman??? LOL. If I had known she was going to ask I would've asked her to wear a wire for me hahaha. Well apparently he was named after him(AHHAA what'd I say!!), he was born in 1978 the same year Dustin Hoffman and Meryl Streep's blockbuster court drama called Kramer vs Kramer was released in cinema. Consequently both Dustin & Meryl won Oscars for their roll (Dustin Best Actor & Streep Best Supporting Actress) while the movie took top honors for Best Picture and additionally Mom & Dad were fans of Mr Hoffman, hence Dustin. Am I good or am I good?

Now I'm still not sure if it was a case of "Good instinct" or a "Dead Giveaway" the fact that I knew he was named after Hoffman. I don't think his height was the culprit, Dustin being Filipino and having a name of Dustin stirred my senses I suppose and that got me thinking, calculating. Of course you cant blame the parents for naming him that, its not a bad name but surely they knew he was going to be short, its simple math if you and your wife are short then you shouldn't name your children after short people, even if they are Celebs, I mean isn't that just cruel? (Plus people like me will write blogs about it, sorry Dustin). When I have children they will have either a common or completely uncommon names and by no means be named after any Celeb or anyone for that matter that might remotely resemble them in any way shape or form inciting some kind of mockery or ridicule (yes, even height ).

Maybe I'm just disturbed


At 8:42 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

FYI Dustin is just a friend and he was born in 1977...LOL.


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