Sunday, July 24

The absolute nuts

Warning: This is a Poker Blog
This started off with my first blog in MY SPACE (below):

"hehe yea i have my own blog in my website and i'm sure thats why i dont blog here...
I do read and enjoy people's blogs here in my space and personal blog sites. Some keep it fun but insightful, a few make matters really serious while others just utter nonsense. But its cool..

But heck its Saturday afternoon listening to some Zeppelin (just got home from basketball - my ankle still hurts from last saturdays sprain) and i've two hours to burn til Poker@ a friends daugther's birthday party, i think she is turning 3.... That's exactly how Aldrin (the father) put it "it's my daughters 3rd birthday and were playing poker!" hahaha but i'm sure he got her some balloons and all that fun stuff.. He also said there are plenty of women and MILF's to keep us single men occupied, i guess when not playing poker?? .. I'm sure its a ploy but i'll give him the benefit of doubt, after all he's persistently invited me throughout the week... besides the party is at his inlaws, which means there is more than just finger food.. The wife is also half white, hopefully the cute white girls are over 23. I can only tolerate so much shopping talk... buwhahahha kidding.."


Although the white girls were under 18 years of age i was right about everything else. The food was wonderful and plentiful, beer was cold and plenty of nice looking sexy mom's who look like they are bored out of their minds, but anyhow they're mom's and that category is simply unacceptable, unless divorced?? Haha. I was introduced to this cute girl who looked to me like she was only 19 or 20. We had a nice conversation and i thought we hit it off really well. But that shit had to end as soon as the Poker table was set up. Besides a 19 year old girl, hmm she'd probably run off as soon as she finds out i'm 10 years older. But it was a relief to meet and hodgepodge with Filipinas after all the Latin clubbing nights of yore.

Poker: $10 buyin 9 Players+1 rebuy ($140 pot size)

My second hand, unraised. I just flopped a royal flush from the Big Blind. Normally you would check this hand, this is the best hand or what they call the "Absolute Nuts", a hand that can not be beaten. Playing in a new venu with a new crowd of seemingly rookie players, i decided to bet the flop hard and wait for someone with a flush draw to maybe call. To my astonishment this guy in a Yellow Shirt with a Sunfire Lense Oakley sunglasses moves ALL IN with a "7 8" with one spade and doubles me up, just like that. It wasn't even a made hand but merely a flush draw, an absolute gift. Much of the tournament was played in the same fashion, ALL IN's came from many various draws, Flush, straights. This was really reminiscent of Edison's tournament a few Saturdays ago.

Since i wasn't getting many hands to play with (after the royal flush) i decided to be patient and wait for premium hands and allow these Wild West style of poker to knock each other out. One player went on a rush and took down players on a rapid pace. I found myself second in chip lead but only a 3-1 advantage over the 3rd player with three players remaining. At this point i was only able to afford three more blinds (blind structure was stupid). I limped in from the small blind with "Q 10" offsuit while 3rd in chip lead moved ALL IN. I put him on a better hand but decided that it was time to get lucky. This move had to work and i had to out flop him and take his chips to have any chance of winning the tournament. I hit a lucky flop with a 10 which held up and it is now heads up, first place $120 and 2nd place $20 and the other player with still a daunting 10-1 chip lead. The next 4 hands i did a lot of raising preflop with some premium hands and got no calls, i even got a few folds when i was big blind. With now only a 6-2 chip deficit i was delt pocket Queens after an ALL IN from small blind. Queens held up against Ace Jack offsuit and i take a 4-2 chip lead. The very next hand i limp in with "Ace 7" of diamonds, player two moved ALL IN, after just over one minute i called and was happy to see "Ace 6" offsuit. I hit the flop with two pairs and his hand does not improve on the turn and River. Getting lucky at the right moment towards the end of the tournament proved to be the winning formula in this wild poker venu.

The Cash Game:

$10 buyin blinds at .25-.50

On the big blind after four players limped in i raised it $3 to go with pocket Aces. To my surprise all four players called. The flop came " 5 7 8" offsuit and i immedidately went ALL IN for $7 and got two callers each holding "K 6" and "10 6" respectively. They both hit their straight on the turn and i just simply mucked my hand in frustration.

Two hands later i went ALL IN pre flop with pocket "Jacks" and got two callers with "10's" and "6 8" offsuit. Jacks held up and trippled me up. I had three more beers and played some more hands and left winning. This was a bad place with bad poker players but thanks for the donation.. Hahahahhaa


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