Tuesday, July 19

I even fell for that stupid love song

American Idol Kelly Clarkson- Since you been gone, lyrics

Song Verse: I even fell for that stupid love song.... Since u
been gonnneee I can breeeath for the first time!

This song you hear everytime you turn on the Radio and the words have left an indelible mark in my head, hey isn't the tune catchy? Or is it the words, shit I hope not.

I have been single for quite some time now and i must say that since you been gone, err i mean since i've been single i have done more for myself that all of my "relationship years" combined. Maybe I am better off being single. Certainly being in a relationship has it's moments, such as the frequent sex or the occasional blow job and maybe the promise of a bleak future full of matrimonial hell, haha just kidding. But yes the promise of matrimony, at this age you can't help but think about it eventhough I am a far cry from that promise.

Being single has given me the ability of uncompromised decision making with women, it kinda doesn't apply right now because there is no woman in my life, but when i do.. hahaha. The point is i was never smart with women and have always made hasty decisions. I am now more selective and have somewhat created a standard that must be adhered to.
For the record: this standard is not limited to a nice ass, big tits and great blow jobs. It is simply a nice girl who has passion, a broad mind and the ability to keep me engrossed in good conversations. Forgive me if you feel that i am being ambiguous after reading the rest of the blog hehe.

Song Verse: You had your chance, you blew out of sight, out of mind

So since you been gone, i have met a couple of girls that caught my attention. Hehe no names but let's call the first one Miss Teaser. She is a nice girl, the kind of girl you write home about. She cooks, cleans and even speaks tagalog, I even told mom all about her. So why do i call her Miss Teaser you might ask? Hehe maybe some other blog... So what happened to her? See next Song Verse

Song Verse: Shut your mouth, i just can't take it, again and again and again and again

Poker, thats what happened to her. I met her in a time in my life when poker was everything, the girl cramped my lifestyle because i was engrossed by poker so i put poker before her. so like any smart girl would do she veered away from me and i dont really blame her for it lol. It sucks but come on gimmme a break hahaha.

Song Verse: All you'd ever here me say is how i picture me with you

So now there is this other girl who am really drawn to. I think it's her insatiable hunger for life, knowledge and her passion for film, music and whatever endears her. She is intelligent not only in the book sense but in the words true etymology. She is quick witted and seem to possess a corky ability to make me laugh which i like, maybe too much. I mean i laugh not because she is pretty but for her dry and somewhat cunning sense of humor, you know what i mean? So okay what the heck happened to her? Fuck, i think i blew whatever chance i had if i had any at all when i cancelled because of poker and in another time because i was drunk and simply forgot. What a dork.

So what now? Fuck it, more poker!


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