Sunday, August 14

Another pocket pair?

It's been four blogs since my last poker blog so I've actually made a conscious effort not to blog about poker which I have to say cramps my style, besides any other subject is purely practice of futility, kidding kidding!!

The Sunday Game I've re-scheduled for Saturday. There actually was no apparent reason for this I just felt like it and I regretted the decision after everyone was extremely late (Except for Josh, Jason and Richard... --note, all white people... gotta love em'). This game started two hours late. I will never again set up a non scheduled game.

We've seen some great comebacks in KPT history, Vince "the comeback kid" has a knack for it, Marco did perhaps the greatest comeback I've ever seen against Jason trailing 40-1 in chip deficit (yes 40-1, this was verified), Hana, Gerry, Allan, Kris and Marc has had their share of great comebacks (more on this later).

Game Highlights

Gerry was the first one out using up all of his rebuys before the second level of blinds. Jee also used up both of his rebuys before the second level but stuck around long enough to make an Add-on but did not make the final table (2nd out). Jason went out next after slowplaying his Aces pre-flop then going ALL IN on the turn after Jerome had flopped a Boat with a "9 4" offsuit, yes an absolute gift.

The Final Table 8 players

Allan and Richard came from table 2 and are the chip leaders followed by Marc and Hana then Jerome. The average stack was 6K and the biggest stack at around 25K (Allan) and average big stack at about 12 K. Richard had an amazing run of cards getting all of the big Pocket pairs more than once, Aces/Kings/Jacks/Queens on this final table. Marco even said that Richard almost looked bored when he didn't get a pocket pair and folded. He was the force to be reckoned with or stay away from.

Jerome's Blunder

With the blinds at 100-200 and the table average stack of 8K theres plenty of poker to be had. Jerome with an average stack (just over 8500) moved ALL IN pre flop from behind the button after everyone folded to him. Button and small blind folds to Richard from the Big Blind who asked for a chip count then meticulously counted his own stack, he made a neat stack of chips and calmly called with Pocket Kings. Marco scowled (as he always does) to Richards slow call with the Kings. Jerome on the other hand made a sheepish face but defiant with his bravado embarrassed to show his cards at the site of the Kings , after a big yelp he showed 5 6 offsuit and was eliminated LOL.

Richard knocked out Hana with Pockets Jacks and then Josh with Kings in the next few hands, systematically.

Next hand My Comeback: I had 3600 left on the button with a 10 9 offsuit which is actually my best hand in the last 30 minutes of play and I pushed ALL IN. Allan calls from the big blind with Ace 2 offsuit, I caught a lucky 9 on the turn which held up to double up my short stack. My next hand was AK offsuit which I raised, Allan calls but folds on the flop after I bet.

Three hands later: On the big Blind I have 8 6 offsuit which I checked after Allan limped in from the button and Marco calling from the small blind. The flop is "7 6 6" rainbow. Marco checked and I checked, Allan bets out 3 K from the button followed by an ALL IN from Marco with just under 4500 followed by another ALL IN from me. Allan folds his 7 and my set of 6's held up against Marco's pocket pair (he never showed his hand). I now have over 26K.

Three players remaining:

Chip count
Richard= 60K+
Marc 28 K+
Allan with just under 23K

Allan makes a standard raise from the small blind, I move over the top ALL IN with pocket 6's. Allan calls after a few moments of deliberation (Allan showed Marco his hand which he suggested to fold) with an A Q offsuit. Allan called the ALL IN but the 6's held up knocking him out of the Tournament. I actually did not want a call here and I really thought Allan was going to lay down his Ace with a big kicker. A coin toss situation is never a good situation for two Large Stacked players going for a $200+ first price and $100 price 2nd place.

Heads up (the miracle card):

After five hands I took the lead by 13K. Richard made a 5K raise from the small blind and I called it with an "Ace 10" of diamonds. The flop is " K K 4" with two diamonds. Richard checks and I bet out 7K, after a short pause he moves ALL IN (perhaps putting me on an absolute bluff). After counting out the chips I made the call and was happy to see Ace 5 of spades, I had him dominated but Richard gets the improbable runner runner for a straight. This was a great call that quickly back fired, a seesaw of emotions from instant elation to the depths of despair in one turn of a card beheld me (mother fucker!!). I had him in the ropes, a knockdown inevitable, but as if by divine intervention (or he is the devil himself) he somehow mustered a devastating blow to knock me off my heels.

The comeback, chop:

With only 13 K left I expected him to expect me to play aggressively. Jee who had $20 on Richard to win it all gave him some sound advise "Be careful he is going to go ALL IN every hand now". Are ya kidding?

I doubled up after checking with an AJ on the big blind after Richard Bet about 6 K on the flop after pairing a 9 on the flop against my Ace which I also paired. I now have over 28 K. On the very next hand I limp in with an Ace 4 offsuit followed by an ALL IN from Richard on the Big Blind. For the KPT or Poker purist: If you were paying attention Richard never went ALL IN preflop while chip lead, he always raised with his premium hands but never an ALL IN. I figured with all the chips in play and the relatively low blinds a preflop ALL IN was going to be the capper, I was also waiting for Richard to make a mistake since he has been playing solid all day and had outflopped his opponents in every hand he was involved with, I had to catch him on the most opportune time when he bluffed with a bad hand and i felt this was my opportunity. I then murmured "I could make a great call here and double up or bust if I'm wrong". I then divided the pot and set the 2nd place money in front of me in case I get outflopped or outdrawn, I made the call and was delighted to see a "Queen Deuce" offsuit. My Ace high held up and doubled my stack now over 60K in chips. A 3-2 chip lead. Because we planned to play a second tournament I decided to give the boys a break and agreed to chop the pot giving $30 more to 2nd place ($150) and take $160. Could I have beaten Richard on this night, a night when he was seemingly invincible, infallible?? Yes I absolutely had no doubt in my mind, I had to beat myself to lose. You'll get your chance against me again Richard but you will never be as lucky as you were on this rare night. The chances of getting delt Aces, Kings (twice), Jacks (twice), Queens (twice) and a 4 other pocket pairs in one night is one in a million tourneys, you'll have to stack up and earn your chips just like mere humans do on any day. In retrospect we could have actually finished this first tournament because we did not start for another hour due to food and beer run LOL.

So now its Sunday and the thought of not having a game makes me sick.

KPT quote of the Week:

Frank: I hate poker and i'll see you on Sunday


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