Sunday, August 21

Hall of fame, are ya kidding?

September 1994, my Grandmother introduced me to the Dodgers. She was an avid Dodger fan who followed every game on TV. I've also been an avid fan since then and have attended numerous games at the Dodger Stadium and seen countless games on TV. Unfortunately the Dodgers have not faired well in a very long time but i love them & the game of baseball nonetheless.

This year's campaign is no better than years past. It's been in so many ways frustrating for the franchise and the fans. This perhaps culminated in last Saturdays disparaging clubhouse incident between Jeff Kent (2nd baseman) and Milton Bradley (outfielder with an anger management problem). Jeff Kent doubled with men in scoring position (1st & 3rd), man on third scored to tie the game at six a piece but Bradley failed to score from first which would have given the Dodgers a 1 run lead. (the Dodgers eventually won the game) Kent criticized Bradleys inability to score from first on his double which resulted in a heated argument between the two. After emerging from a lengthy postgame meeting with Manager Jim Tracy, Bradley spoke with reporters. Toward the end of the question and answer session Bradley had tears in his eyes and had this to say.

"As long as I'm black, I'm fine. I have a life besides baseball. I play because I can, whether I get to the Hall of Fame or whether I don't"

" I am a person of belief, of convictions, morals. I don't have an enemy in the world"

Hehehe well Milton, first of all a player of your Caliber, or lack there of shouldn't even put the term "Hall of Fame" in the same sentence as your name. "Whether or whether or not" "Hall of Fame", are ya kidding me? That's completely bullocks, you are not going to the Hall. You simply don't have the numbers nor the potential to make it, the fact that you even mentioned this is beffuddling. Now I don't question Milton's ability or hustle, in fact I love his intensity and attitude towards every at bat, he gives it his all and I respect that. I wouldn't know what to do in his place if I were confronted by Jeff Kent (who might be Hall bound) but I do know what I wouldn't do or say. I wouldn't put me in the Hall of Fame. Milton, do you ever hear Barry Bonds say "Hall of Fame" everytime he is criticized? And what is this about being Black? Do you think that Jeff Kent wouldn't have criticized you if u weren't black? That's absurd!

So your a man of beliefs and morals, well well, that's debatable. I seem to recall fines, suspensions and three days jail time for obstruction of a police officer last Season. In fact I was at one of the games in which you threw a beer bottle back to a fan which resulted in a fine and suspension, in the middle of a Pennant race no less. Sure I understand your anger but it was a plastic bottle for crying out loud, and did I mention the Pennant race? Sure the Dodgers still won their division but the fact that you involved yourself in such an incident makes me question your integrity and loyalty to the organization. Okay back to the word "morals", this incident with Jeff Kent is not a question of Morals or beliefs, he criticized your inability to score from first base off his double (probably out of a season long frustration for the dodgers woes), how does that equate to beliefs & morals exactly? I believe your bravado is misplaced Mr. Bradley, or your lost for words..... I'm not taking Jeff Kents side but what you were quoted saying is nothing shy of, uhmmm... stupid!

That said I hope you guys make the playoffs this year, that would really be a treat.

If you make playoffs I'll buy another Jersey


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Who is Jes? and what is an oxymoron?


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