Friday, September 2

Call the game and be good at it

The Angels regrettably have always been in the Shadows of the Dodgers (Dubbed 'LA's team') over the last several decades because of the Dodgers Championships years, traditions, legacy and the teams rich history. I think that the Angels now have an even more less admirable name now that they have "Los Angeles" in their official Team Name (even after a championship year) .

Okay, that said the Dodgers still suck this year and the Angels are doing quite well. They are currently 2nd in the Wild Card Race and 2nd in their Division but I have a feeling they will make the playoffs, they have the 2nd best ERA behind the A's and have a potent offense.

Now, broadcasters have a lot to do with enjoying a ball game broadcast on TV. The dodgers have probably the best and most poetic of all Broadcasters Vince Scully, many teams have had or still have legendary Broadcasters like Harry Carry, Bob Euker, Al Michaels, Chick Hearns and the like . I like to listen to Marve Albert and sometimes I even enjoy the less than likeable Walton calling NBA games (and I absolutely hate Costas and Joe Buck). And Steve Lions who does the Saturday Fox Baseball is just immeasurably annoying, some sound advice Mr. Lions "concentrate on calling the games instead of mocking players... ". I love baseball but i've stopped watching baseball on Saturday afternoons simply because you're calling the games. (how's that for conviction?)

But do you know who I hate the most? I hate them and I don't even know their names.... The Angels broadcasters. Their broadcast is unimaginative and uninspiring. I'll give ya an example of Vince Scully's play calling in comparison to the Angels (actual calls)

(An outfielder is running down a fly ball)

Vince Scully: Flyball deep center field, Sean Green on his horse, in long strides, makes a reeeemarkable catch!

Angels: Fly ball, he is running really really fast and gets the catch

Do you know what I mean?

Sept 1 Angels vs A's: Figgins was 2 or 2 for the night and he is coming up to bat. They describe his improvements on his at bats and how he goes deep into the count and how he is now able to handle the outside pitch and have learned not to pull but to hit it the other way. Figgins hits a single for his 3rd hit of the night and flares it the other way, a clean single, below was how one of the broadcasters called it.

Broadcaster: Nice Hit Fig, he's really learned how to hit that outside pitch the other way (the hit is replayed)... Ummppp that hit feels so good man it feels soooo goood.... Its right off the tip of the bat... it feels sooo goood you can hardly feel it.

Huh?? ... It feels soooo gooood you can hardly feel it?... Is this making any sense??? I was so annoyed I changed it to the Travel Channel and watched "Celebrity Poker Showdown". The Poker show I hate the most, but I would rather watch this despicable Poker show than listen to the Angels. Maybe I am being too critical of this matter but hey its important, color commentating is as much important as the game itself. I remember the Lakers Championship years which were broadcast nationwide on NBC with Marve Albert, Walton and Frutelo, we would mute the TV and turn on the radio and listen to Chick Hearn... That's how good he was, get the point?

The Angels undoubtedly have the most 'Prosaic' duo of all MLB Broadcasters, wouldn't you say??


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