Monday, August 29

Why the hell did you call, Gerry?

The Wynn Casino was impressive, amenities were plush the waitresses almost model like and the pool was incomparable. I do have a couple of quirks, the lack of a complimentary coffee maker was a real nuisance because the Hotel Cafe was 5 stories down and across the way of the expansive casino floor and also the lack of a bathroom ventilation (imagine 5 guys in one room with no bathroom vent and no air freshener). However, the Hotel & Casino was well worth the $350 per night.

I logged a total of 17 hours at the Poker tables(10 hours alone on Friday). Wynn's Poker room attracts many local Professional Poker players due to their "No Maximum" buyin set up in all of their games. For instance I played the No limit Hold Em table at "$1-$3" blinds with a minimum buyin of $100 and no maximum buyin plus cash plays on the table ($100 bills only), many local Pros buyin on this game for $500 or more and place a bundle of hundred dollar bills behind (often over $1000.00).

Sunday 1 am: They opened a $1-$3 game at the High Stakes section of the poker room which I joined after a 25 minute wait. Jerome and Gerry was seated on another table while Allan & Conrad was at the Hotel Club (not sure where Jee was) and Mike was on the $2-$5 table.

3:45 am: Conrad retreats from the Club and joined my table.

Around 5 am: Gerry joins my table and bought in for $100. I now have Conrad & Gerry on the same table. This was not an ideal situation because Poker is a game not against the house but against other players so the possibility of taking each others money was very eminent (as the case on next verse).

45 minutes later: Gerry raises under the gun $15 to go . Two players call and I call from the small blind with an "Ace Jack" offsuit, big blind also calls (5 players in the hand). The flop came "Ace Jack 5" rainbow. (naturally I was check raising) Gerry bets out $20 and gets two callers in front of me. I raised and made it $120 to go, player on the big blind folds and Gerry calls time. Gerry also had the Ace and a King kicker, he is faced with a quandary. After deliberating for quite some time (with about $90 in chips) he quipped "alright Marc I know you have two pairs but I call" flips his cards open "Ace King" and does not improve on 4th and 5th street. Wow $90 to try to outdraw me with a King (two outs). I was surprised with Gerry's call, I practically gave away my hand to him with the ridiculously colossal check raise and I expected him to believe me and lay down his hand (which I would have shown him anyway if he folded). Conrad was also busted soon after this hand (by a pro player with about $500 in chips and $500 in cash in play in a hand that he raised with a "4 3" of diamonds... ya its a long story ).

6:05 am: Two more players got busted which left only three players on my table. The floorman asked us to join a table with three seats open but I decided to call it a night. All the boys were already asleep at this point and it was time for me to get some rest (but not before a quick trip to the Roulette table).

11:30 am: Checked out and had brunch at Circus Circus and took the dreadful drive home afterwards.


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