Thursday, September 1

She was cute... but of course she had a BF

My Poker buddy Mike has a GF named Sara who also plays in my tournaments. They often spend their weekends playing poker somewhere, even the Casinos playing satellites, live games or tournaments. These two actually met before the Poker Bug bit them so its safe to say that Poker was not the reason why they get along so well. My point is its important that a couple has common interest whether it's sports, fine arts or in their case Poker (I'm sure they have other things in common). They both excel in poker and make good money playing live games at local Casinos. Mike for instance was the big winner over our recent Vegas trip and took home over 1K in winnings.

These home Poker Tournaments have become rituals (or routine) for us. At times our players bring their girlfriends along. Now my guess is these women want to spend time with their man and would probably prefer to be doing something other than sitting behind their man watching him play poker while oblivious to the actual game. But since their man plays Poker on Tuesdays & Sundays, what do they do? Let's say you routinely play at KPT on Tuesdays and Sundays and you meet a woman and start dating or fall in love, what if she wants to see you on a Tuesday night? Do you bring her with you? I certainly would hope not but this type of behavior has been practiced in KPT. Now, I can not stop this type of behavior nor I condone it but what am I to do about it? Unfortunately I can do nothing but advise against it.

Ok sorry for the digression (well sort of). Sara claims that Mike is a lucky man because he gets no grief when he gets the urge to play poker. Well I tend to agree... Because they just play together. I'm sure there's pros & cons about having a gf that plays poker as well, but what the heck Mike seems pretty content about the situation.

Friday Aug 26 4 PM, Wynn Poker room: I get seated on seat # 5 on the "$1-$3" NL hold em table next to this really cute Chinese girl. First I didn't say much but a quick hello. It was a chatty group of people so I took advantage of the situation and sparked up a conversation with her. The guy on her right (Chinese guy) was a friend of hers and so I chatted him up a little also to butter her up, so to speak. They were staying at another hotel for the weekend and they drove from Orange County. At some point during the live play (I'm guessing when she noticed my extreme chivalry... Unimpressed!) she walked over to the next table and kissed her boyfriend on the cheeks in my plain site. "God damn it she has a bf" I cursed under my breath..... She left shortly with her friend and Boyfriend (she did bid me goodbye with a wave... While holding hands with the bf).

The Next Day: I saw the same group of people in the Poker room waiting in line for a seat. Her friend (one sitting on her right) saw me and shook my hand to say hello (such a gentleman I thought). She on the other hand was on the other side of the room and did not see me. When I was seated I couldn't help but watch her three tables away. See, I never really approach women or spark up any type of conversation so when I do, I do it in a serious manner. So i guess i couldn't get over the fact that she actually had a boyfriend. A few minutes later she busted and just sat behind her BF just watching contently. I found the urge to get up and say hello and so I did, until now I am not sure why I did this. I mean why should I, she got up and kissed her bf in the middle of our conversation the night before perhaps to signal that I stop my song & dance, dog & pony show getting to know her mindless chit chat can i get your phone number yaddy yaddy yadda...... So fuck off!

Men & women should wear badges or stripes of somekind on their foreheads or shoulders signifying availability or mood such as "Have BF" "No BF" "BF but chat okay" "No BF but not in the mood "availlable" and "PMS (watch out)".... But i suppose that would be boring... bye


At 3:50 PM, Blogger zenmasta said...

For a mastermind in reading people, she should've been an easy call. But when it comes to women, men always call even if they got nothing. No. Not raise. Just call.

At 4:40 PM, Blogger Marc Gabay said...

Hahaha yes i admit, i did not do any Preliminary recon missions on this one sir. I merely limped in with what i thought was a good hand and Busted.


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