Tuesday, September 6

Women of Koolgreen Poker

For the first time in Koolgreen Poker Tour we had more than two female players. Labor days tournament heaved four female players after Genie lobbied for more female presence. I have been but in vain, aggressively promoting my tournaments to prospective female players. Since my sister moved out we've only had one regular female player which is Sara. She has been close to winning a tournament in KPT but never been able to pull through. The first time she made top three was against myself and my sister, this was a first in KPT that two women made top three. Last Tuesday she made it to the finals but was faced with a tough veteran opponent Hana who rarely makes any mistakes and for good measure was a 4-1 deficit in chips and was not able to come back. No woman has won my tournaments since my sister.

The Labor day tournament saw two women making the final table, Sara the perennial final table finisher and Stacy. Stacy played well but has lots more to learn while Julie who did not make the final table played solid but ran into some bad luck early on in the Tournament. This was Geanie's 2nd tournament in KPT and have made improvements since the last time I saw her play. She practices online (thanks to Hana). It would have been really kewl if my sister and Kitty (who has playered here) made it to the Labor day game. Maybe some day all the Women of KPT can play my tournament together.

My bad beat: In an honest & innocent effort to heave more regular female players I made it a point to acquaint with Julie (above picture) who seemed to be the more Poker savvy of the three new girls. I told her that I liked the way she played and the fact that she actually knew what she was doing. She seemed to consider this a tactic or a pitch to get her to play the second tourney. (I'd like to reiterate that this was an effort to heave more regular female players) I explained to her that we have regular Sunday games and that a mass text message is sent as an invite/reminder. I then inquired if she was interested in playing regularly and her response was "yea maybe not weekly but bi-weekly". I then proceeded to ask for her phone number (this is when Sara abruptly interrupted for some toilet paper) which she reluctantly gave to me, not sure at this time if its the correct number. I assured her the "phone number" was for poker purposes only but she did not look convinced. Maybe she didn't like the fact that I accidentally (or instinctively) took a quick glimpsed of her well endowed chest while speaking to her. Maybe all this effort is in vain .... my quest for female players for KPT, yes seemingly an impossible task but a task that shall never wither, Damn It!


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