Thursday, September 8

One for the Ages

9/7/05 Wednesday, Arthur Ashe Stadium:

Andre gave us one match for the Ages. Down 2 sets and a break in the third, i was ready to change the channel because i was not ready to watch Andre lose this one (not this one). I just saw him go five sets his previous match and four sets before that and i knew he was not ready to hang this one up and so was i. I was watching something special and somehow i knew Andre was going to give me, my Dad (and all of us watching- Adrian from across town) something Spectacular. To make it even more dramatic the broadcast was stopped due to contractual reasons (damn you USA Network), my Dad and i (Adrian & i'm sure his Dad) tuned on to the Internet. Andre went on to win a gut wrenching 5th set tie breaker that sent the stadium into a trance, pandemonium..... Andre, one more slam baby!

Goodluck Andre

Adrian sent a text at 8:30 am Thursday, the match was on USA which my dad was already watching in the living room. This match was nothing short of... Magical!

Happy Birthday Adrian


At 1:06 PM, Blogger zenmasta said...

thanks for coming to the dinner, niggah cuz...


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