Tuesday, October 4

My Season Five Predictions

A recap of my Season Four predictions:

I picked Gerry to win it all but missing 4 important games put a real dent on his chances. Gerry started hot garnering over 40+ points in the first 4 games of the Season (missed one game). Gerry ended up tied in 2nd place with Randy.

I picked Jee to take second place. He proved me wrong and took the lead on Game 6 which he never relinquished.

I picked Marco to finish a distant 3rd place. Predictably enough he did just that.

Season Five Predictions:

Okay we've got Mike on the lead at the moment. Maybe Mike can change the KPT conventional stigma of leading by Game Four and not win the Championship by winning it all?. In all KPT Seasons thus far the leader by game 4 was not the eventual champion. Jee for example took the lead from Marco in Game 6 of Season Five and ran away with it in almost the same fashion I did it in Season one ( taking the lead in July, 85 tournaments in 9 long months).

If (big IF) Valley Ball (the sleazy but classy strip club in Van Nuys) closes Frank has a real chance of winning LOL (kidding Frank). It seems that Frank will play good when he gets an early lead but when his chips are somewhat diminished early in a tournament he gives up.

Basing purely on the KPT stigma Mike is not going to win the Championship. He may pull it off because he is such a solid player but we are all vulnerable to bad luck and bad beats.

Jerome is currently in third place and needs to remain in his A-Game frame of mind to have any chance of winning. One of his problems (i hate to use this word but it is) is chasing the draw without calculating the drawing odds against the pot odds. If he can somehow stay away from that or learn the concept of it he has a chance to win.

Allan is in a close battle for first place in the rankings. I think that if Allan is able to steer away from calling big pots in coin flip situations when he certainly knows he is behind, he may just win it ALL.

Mori may be the tightest player in KPT. Does he have any chance of winning? Most definitely. Mori plays tight and is very patient, you can expect him to make most if not all of the final tables and may very well have the best chance of winning the Season.

The abominable Randy. He might show up early but don't be fooled. Run & gun is his style of poker, it's like double up or go home. This style gave him a couple of wins in Season Four. A chance? Yes an outside chance...

Hana the professional.. Hana hasn't gotten any good breaks yet this season but do not count him out. I regard this guy as one if not our best player (definitely best cash player). I expect him to do better in the coming games.

Marco. I think he is attempting to redeem himself this season after floundering his big lead in Season Four. Expect him to play more loose than usual!

Marc. I have no chance of winning and I hate poker. Hahahaha

So who's going to win it? One of the players mentioned above.. i will make another prediciton in 4 games...

Goodluck Everyone!


At 12:40 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hahaha leave out the youngster.... Ic ok I predict that besides proving mr. Marc wrong I will prove Marco right and not onlee win my first tounament but either win it all place or show (2nd or 3rd) overall in the season...

At 9:17 AM, Blogger Marc Gabay said...

That calls for a side Bet.. lol

At 4:18 PM, Blogger zenmasta said...

wtf... why cant anonymous just use marco... hes a gaylord of dogtown i tell you (btw: scarlett was robbed as Sexiest Woman Alive)

At 5:03 PM, Blogger Marc Gabay said...

dude thats Josh not Marco


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