Friday, September 30

Anthony & the misery we share..

I've recently joined the Thursday night Adult Basketball League in Chatsworth. I initially ignored the Adult part but I soon realized what it meant when I arrived for the first game. This is a 30 and over basketball league, most of the guys are in their mid 30's to somewhere close to 50. I am exactly 30 so I'm cream of the crop baby haha.

I was recruited by an old friend Anthony who I've been playing basketball with for over 7 years. Anthony and I play the guard positions eventhough were both at 5"11 and both natural power forwards. The rest of the guys are at around 6"2 and in their 40's. Except for Anthony and I these guys have never played any kind of organized basketball so if you're a basketball player you can imagine how terrible our team is. We are now 0-3 for the season and losing at an embarassing rate of 22 points per game. We have an abominable defense. Except for Anthony and I our offense can only be described as "lack luster". These guys do not understand the basic principles of fundamental basketball, they don't understand the basic essence of offensive set up such as passing the ball to the open man and boxing out for rebounds. I have never seen such big guys struggle to defend and box out shorter guys, they simply don't know how.

Last night our Game 3 was the most embarrassing basketball moment of my entire life. We lost by more than 22 points to a team who only had four starting players. Ya don't even ask how the hell this happened. Four guys scored 88 points on our feeble defense, it was ridiculous these guys picked off our interior defense almost at will! I watched in astonishment as my teammates tried to make sense of what we we're doing wrong, I wanted to scream out Because u guys fucking suck?

I wanted to choke Anthony for inviting me to play in this team. I started to suspect that he asked me to join this sorry ass team so I can share in his misery. I am now sure that he intentionally left out the fact that these guys have never played organized ball when he invited me because he knew I wouldn't have agreed to play.

Thanks asshole...


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