Tuesday, October 11

Benny from the Bronx

I like to think of my blog page as sort of a life anecdote. While movies are a big part of it you never hear me rant about them here because I prefer it face to face. However this pre-quel to probably my favorite Al Pacino movie "Carlito's Way" prompted that I must. It's possibly the worst movie I ever saw. When I saw the previews I was interested but suspected it not to do well. Later on I discovered it went straight to DVD and for good reason (and so I bought it lol coz eventhough it looked bad it still piqued my interest plus i found out i overpaid my Best Buy bill). I can go for hours on end describing how bad this movie was but I'm only going to mention two things.

1. Jay Hernandez who plays young Carlito was a dismal failure while his attempt to sound like Carlito was mediocre at best.

2. Luis Guzman who plays Pechanga (good actor I might add) as you can expect was on point. The problem is there were no attempts to make his character look his actual age for the era so he looked older in the pre-quel than the original movie. This look back into Carlito's life was set in the early 60's era so imagine watching the Pechanga character 30 years younger played by the same actor from the original movie looking 15 years older rather than 30 years younger, quite a contrast. This reflects how poorly this movie was produced and directed. Ugh!


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And you're only talking about the character attributes. YOu haven't even started with the script... Awful movie... Anything with Mario Van Peebles in it is awful.

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