Monday, October 17


My girlfriend and I are scheduled to attend at least three Halloween parties this month. First one came this past Saturday and let me tell ya: I have never seen a Halloween party like it. No no no. I didn't say good. I meant depressing. Depressing as in watching the Angels lose four straight ALCS games to the White Sox. Depressing as in misplacing your $10 bill somewhere in your room and unable to find it. Depressing as in taking a dump and nothin's comin' out... Well, that's actually frustating... Which is another word to describe the party... Alas! I take the word 'party' back. That ain't no party... It's more like a gathering of senior citizens from retirement homes at the mall with the inclusion of Crown Royal and smoking and a cameo of some crack addict named Rick. Listen, I like the people at the party. They seemed nice and hospitable but if you're throwing a Halloween party, don't make it look SCARY as in depressing SCARY. Make it fun SCARY. And turn off the TV. And have most of the people dress up. And have music ready. Like party music. Not gangsta music. Maybe I'm old for this shit. No way, I refuse that for an excuse! So far: 0-1 with a groundout. I hope the next at-bat will be slightly better.


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Yea gay


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