Tuesday, November 1

Season Five Prediction Part II

So who is going to win Season Five?

First lets talk about Mike. "I'm the hottest player in KPT right now", yes Mike's own words. Mike has proven me wrong so far. In the beginning of the Season I didn't feel that any of the Rookie players were going to win a single game but Mike has now two tournament wins and is leading the Series. In my initial Season Five prediction I mentioned a KPT fact "No game 4 leader ever went on to win the Championship" (Mike was leader). Mike lost the lead but took it right back with a Game 8 win so he might, yet again, prove me wrong . Another thing he's got going for him is that no one has ever lost the Championship leading after 8 games (dont faulter Mike hahaha).

Frank is 11 points behind followed by Jerome and Allan trailing 12 and 13 points respectively.

"Its still anyone's ball game", Jerome.

So who do I really think is going to win? I'm going to make a Bold prediction and say "Jerome is going to bring the A-Game and send Mike Frank and Allan walking away shaking their heads in disbelief.... or go crazy and completely retire from Poker... yes that is how destructive Jerome's ├╝ber-A-Game is ".

LET'S GO A-GAME "clap clap clap clap clap", LET'S GO A-GAME "clap clap clap clap clap"

(Don't make me eat my words man)



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