Saturday, October 29

A very long Engagement Part III

(Part 1, Part II)

Miss Unicorn invited me to her Birthday dinner last Friday evening. According to her only close family and friends were invited. Of course I felt not only honored but also quite excited. I'm glad that I made a good enough impression on her to make her Birthday list in the short time that I've known her.

I left work early but still was late due to traffic on the 101 freeway. When I arrived everyone was already seated nibbling on appetizers so I was given the informal "hey everyone this is Marc" introduction, hahaha. Anyway dinner went well and the food was excellent (but I hate those plastic chopsticks). After dinner she opened her gifts while we enjoyed some wine. I almost laughed out loud when she unwrapped a Swiss army knife (I wonder what she was thinking right then?) but she smiled graciously and waved the knife around for everyone to see (I couldn't think of a worse present to a 25 year old woman). She immediately put the knife to use by cutting ribbons from the rest of the presents LOL.

She recently got into punk rock so I got her the ultimate punk rock album "nevermind the bullocks" by the Sex Pistols (I didn't want to get a present too intimate). When she unwrapped it I was hoping she wouldn't show everyone by waving it around. I wasn't sure her parents would be too keen about a present with the word SEX on it (or if they know what Sex Pistols is). My fear was escalated when she suddenly screamed "OH MY GOD YOU GOT ME SEX PISTOLS" (I swear I blushed). Then I responded cleverly (and so I thought) by saying "oh its not Porn" which I immediately regretted (fuck!).

It's an innate nature of mine to be grateful and polite to the host (her & parents) so I decided to say a few words to them. What I failed to do was (which didn't occur to me for some reason.. How stupid) to prepare for the "where did you meet her" question (I met her on myspace). When asked I immediately realized I was in trouble, do I make up a lie or tell the truth? I looked around and she was no where in sight. Imagine trying to explain what myspace is to her folks!!... I told the truth (it went surprisingly well bwuahahhaah).


At 5:03 PM, Blogger Arashi-KIshu said...

Hahaha! Good thing they got to know you before you told them that you met in myspace! Did you tell them "we met in myspace" or "we met over the internet"?

At 5:18 PM, Blogger Marc Gabay said...

LOL... well first i just drew a blank.. then i said we met in myspace (hoping they'd figure its a place, park, club or event or something and leave it at that)... but unfortunately i had to explain what it was ... buwhahhaha.. it was hard to say the least and i did not want to lie


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