Friday, November 18

A day in the life

Several years ago I sacrificed the privilege of weekends off (Saturday & Sunday) in exchange for a weekday, all for the love of snowboarding. With the influx of new boarders our local ski resorts have had to sell tickets over capacity. As a result we had to resort to an Ungodly early start and early departure to beat the traffic to and from the resorts. This also meant sleep deprivation. The only remedy was to completely stop boarding on weekends, hence my obscure schedule.

I've since adopted this schedule permanently. Its advantageous to my personality. There are times (mostly my day off) when I become sort of an introvert, a humdrum an anti-social and I don't want to speak to anyone. My day off is driven with a purpose and never do I just hang around trying to figure out what to do. Yesterday was a typical day off (except the trip to the mall).

  1. Wake up, got coffee & cig
  2. Gym
  3. Got lunch
  4. Drop off dry cleaning
  5. Bathe Toby & Foxy (my dogs)
  6. Drop off my snowboard to get waxed
  7. Mall (needed new shirt for my Godfather function this weekend)*
  8. Buy new Basketball ( I left my other one at the park)
  9. Go to my Basketball league (lost.. Were now an embarrassing 1-7)
  10. Shower
  11. Watch Cronicas (Chronicles)
  12. Cig, sleep .. (6 through 8 accomplished under 2 hours, not bad huh?)
Oh I fed the dogs at 4 PM...


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