Sunday, November 20

Being critical

I'm never very critical when talking about how I feel about a movie (or any subject... except maybe sports). I recently read someone's blog about the new Harry Potter movie (Goblet something rather) and I was completely stunned with her rather crass review. She describes the movie as so "The Harry Potter movie was so bad, I Âm going to save everyone the trouble of watching it and tell you what happened, yes, I hate it that much". Then she goes on to describe scenes as "some shit happens and then some other shit happen" then she seemed to disagree with every detail and even revealed who died. You can not describe scenes in a Harry Potter as "some shit happens"!

I happen to think these movies are magical, I am not a Harry Potter fan and never have read any of the books nor plan to (not my genre) but i watch the movies because they are very enjoyable. Someone who absolutely Hates a Potter movie then write such a pungent review is utterly idiotic (and maybe even insane). As i perused through her critical review i realized that one, she didn't read the book and two, her review was as bromidic a bromidic review can get.

Am I going to give you the link to her blog? Hell no!!! I happen to think that this is a tawdry ruse to generate popularity votes in the Pinoy Blog community (Pinoy= Filipino) where blogs are rated by popularity & votes. She is currently ranked in the top 10. It's sort of a PR strategy, any publicity is good, right?

Her blogs are generally insightful and interesting and sometimes even an excellent read. So the sudden digress makes me question her intent... shit, now i think i am being too critical!

... did i mention Jaja's not getting married anymore? lol


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Shiet, she deleted my comment man.

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