Sunday, November 27

Change of Seasons

For the last several weeks some friends and i have discussed how relatively warm November has been. Normally (past several years) by late November the weather had already spewed at least 1 or 2 good weeks of ideal or excellent snowmaking conditions for our local ski resorts. But were not worried, Southern California ski conditions unlike its predictable Northern counterpart (Mammoth Mountain... which dependably never fails to open in November sometimes even in October) year after year we count on having a slow start. Big Bear history has taught us that an early SoCal ski season start is not always good because it tends to give us a false hope of continued excellent conditions. Because we (the real snowboarders... the one's that drive 4 wheel drive vehicles... haha) know that when a ski season starts out with a bang it will as if by cue recede into an almost interminable swelter. We don't want that...

On Saturday as if someone turned the weather switches... the temperatures suddenly dipped into the 30's. While it was good for snowmaking conditions and College Football (Big Bear finally started their snowmaking) it was not great for my fever & flu. In fact it made it even worse (durr)... i even had to cancel my movie plans with what's her face (Jesica... yes she is the girl in my A very long Engagement saga) which i am glad i did because by 9 PM all i wanted to do was close my eyes and turn into a pumpkin.

Besides going to work on Friday (and i shouldn't have) i have not stepped out of the house. It feels a lot like one of those Got Milk commercials. Today (Sunday) i lasted a mere 1 1/2 hours at work before my body succumbed (so here i am blogging from home haha... while watching Football).

Well one good thing i can be excited about amidst all this distress is the dwindling gas prices. The descending temperatures seem to be in synch with the gas prices... no complaints there. It is now $2.35 from a High of $2.95 not too long ago. To put it into perspective, a 17 gallon tank at $2.95 per is $50.15 every fill up. At $2.35 it's only 39.95.. my SUV needs 5 fill ups every 4 weeks and at $2.95 per gallon thats over $250.00 & in contrast at 2.35 per its under $200.00..... geez these number are insane. I am planning to buy a daily driver next year coz this SUV is killing me (and i'm still wondering why it fills up at 17 gallons because the manual say's 21, weird).


At 6:58 PM, Blogger zenmasta said...

turn into a pumpkin? you are not well. i hope i get sebastian for the secret santa thing so i can buy him a 20 bucks psp game. buwhahahhaha... no?

At 7:40 PM, Blogger Marc Gabay said...

you have to white to understand


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