Saturday, December 3

Herr Vaughnster

We boys like our toys. We've got our XBOX's, Flat TV's+Direct TV+Surround Sound 6.1+progressive scanning DVD player+High Definition package(even an LCD in the kitchen), Digital Cams, IPOD'S+Boss headphones etc.... well you get the idea.

This yuletide season i planned on buying one toy. In June the idea was an XBOX 360 but knowing i would only play it for several months like i did with the original Box ( i even gave away all 11 games i collected lol) the idea all but withered away by early November. My ideas then evolved into something more... uhmm gratifying and appropriate to the season haha. I've turned into the proverbial new board seeker in the last few seasons so a new snowboard becomes the ultimate arbiter to my toy need this yuletide season. My current board is the Salomon 450 "156 cm" bought during the 1999-2001 season. While the board has been great with no defect or problem what so ever... i am a technical rider who is duly acquainted with the technological advances in symmetrical freestyle boards in the past few years so yes a new board was warranted Hehe. Below is my new snowboard from a company called "Herr Vaughnster".

Herr Vaughnster "Mr Vaughnster" . After nearly 20 years of manufacturing Carbon Fibre Race Car parts, Herman Noppenberger (Vaughnster is his son) discovered a new interest. Having lived in Southern California most of his life Herman progressed from skating and surfing into snowboarding around 1990.

A hand made freestyle snowboard based in Costa Mesa California. The only snowboard manufacturer which builds full length carbon fiber and custom wood core boards whereas other manufactures use carbon fiber strips only to reinforce their fiberglass boards... Though it is a small manufacturer it is dedicated to its products and performance. They employ & sponsor 17 semi-pro and pro snowboard riders who not only test but compete with their products. Plus i met the guy who hand builds these boards, partner and co-founder Mike St. Pierre.

Where else are you going to meet & chat with the guy who actually hand built the snowboard you're actually purchasing... can't do that with a Burton!

This is unique man...


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