Tuesday, November 29

The uncommon Flu

I changed three times last Saturday for my movie date hoping to look my best only to cancel in the last minute due to my condition. I may have spent all my energy changing anyway but if it didn't surely driving & walking would have. I bought another bottle of the ever dependable Dayquil to fix me up but after the first bottle i should've known it was something more than the common cold & flu. Wasn't that a dead giveaway?

So after missing the oh so obvious clues that it isn't your average garden variety flu i've decided to call my Doctor (i've got an appointment first thing Wednesday). I seem to straggle when it comes to do with my health. For instance when i broke my left ankle a couple of years ago i didn't report to my Doctor until the 4th day. I went to work walking on a broken ankle until it finally occured to me that it was more than just a sprain... hell any normal human being would've hobbled their way straight to the Emergency Room... it had swollen up more than double its size for crissakes! (when i finally went they immediately put my akle in a fiberglass Cast which i wore for the next 4 months). Back to my uncommon flu, basically i'm coughing uncontrolably despite two bottles of DayQuil. It must be some kind of virus or bacterial infection.

Okay here is a visceral comparison. Your boyfriend has not proposed to you after 9 years together.. haha (its almost analogous, right?)

First i diagnosed myself with Pneumonia, Adrian laughed and said "Doood you wouldn't be walking & talking if you had Pneumonia" ... Perhaps the less deadly Bronchitis then.

And i hope to stop blogging about this flu... haha


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