Friday, December 2

Are the Clipps for real?

Are they for real? The Clippers has their best start in franchise history. Well until ownership and the front office show their undivided commitment to retaining star and key players i'm not going to jump in the bandwagon. You can call me more of a Laker fan because its a storied franchise and i live in Los Angeles. But... i never was a Laker fan until i actually moved here to LA. I was a Larry Bird and a Boston Celtics fan haha. But when i moved to LA Larry Bird was long retired and i started rooting for the home team. The Clippers aren't dubbed LA's NBA team because they never win. They never win because they never pay what their well developed star players what they deserve... therefore they lose them to teams who always have a better, i repeat a better offer on the table.

Well i am starting to sound skeptical (but anyone who lives in LA and root for the Lakers and the Clipps as well have reason to). I admit i have seen more Clipper than Laker games thus far... because i can not watch Kobe take 36 shots anymore because no one else seems to consistently make baskets.... arggh!


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