Monday, December 5

All about Sex

An old friend of mine developed a habit of inquiring about my love life or what he likes to call my status ever since he got himself a girlfriend 2 years ago (around the time my girlfriend & i broke up). He's the kind of guy who likes to talk the talk when it comes to women... yup someone you might call pompous. He's that guy who's always got some raunchy story to tell about some hot girl he met at some trendy Hollywood club over the weekend which sounds a lot like a sham. I sent him an IM (instant message) the other day to show a pic of my new snowboard.. of course he didn't fail to ask about my status. I've always kind of shunned it because i don't particularly enjoy sharing that specific aspect of my life to someone like him who is hardly a close friend. I don't like to divulge my sexual encounters with women to even my closest of friends because i believe in privacy. The extent that i share to friends are these "ya i had a date" or "ya i'm seeing her". Because real men do not feel necessary to broadcast that they're banging some chick. So you're banging some chick?? Great who cares... so are a million other people!

What bothers me about him is not the fact that he is a pompous ass or that he thinks he is God's gift to women but the fact that he's labeled my love life status a drought. Were not close friends by a long shot but we do go snowboarding at least once or twice per year for several years now so we've had the chance to get acclimated. This time i told him that i didn't really consider my not having a girlfriend a drought because i don't really want a girlfriend. He chuckled and said "i remember not having a girlfriend for a few years and i considered it a drought"... Hahahahaha . Hey i won't be ashamed to admit a drought because hey... i'm no pimp daddy but if i do the math i think i've dated more women in the last 2 1/2 years than he's had sex with in all his life (or for as long as i've known him) or at least more than i care to tell him. I am sort of seeing someone... but who cares?

As a closing remark i told him this "Hey man i'm not in a drought... people who are not in a relationship aren't necessarily NOT getting laid... surely you know that. So tell you what... when i call YOU for a date then you know i'm on a drought but until then remain calm... cease and desist!".

A guy friends sexual appetites, orientation or status is NOT a topic i like to delve into. Especially with some guy who makes a habit of labeling other men's sexual status and particularly someone who is no Adonis by no means and hardly versed with women. Actually i absolutely do not talk to any guy about it... thats why we have female friends, right? (Well i doubt he has any) There is nothing worse than some muther fucking idiot who just got a girlfriend (big deal) and somehow elevates himself in the same status as Min , a god of male sexual potency or fertility.

If you're thinking dayumm Marc is bitter hahahaha yes you are correct. I am bitter, coz that shit hit a nerve. Well if you're a guy and anything like me... a man who has good self-esteem, considerible but not over-flowing confidence, not so average looking athletic & tall... healthy & witty who's love life labeled as a drought by some short ass mother fucker with curly hair who is quite apparent from a lower life form you'd be pissed off too.

oh... wait wait i've seen his girlfriend and she's not so hot...... by any standards! So until he's dating some Charlize Theron looking chick i aint taking any shots from him.


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