Sunday, January 1

Top 5 Moments of '05

The year 2005 has been somewhat triumphant, a little bittersweet but most importantly fun and memorable. I gained many friends during the year (and not since the Military where camaraderie is learned, that i've gained so many friends). Separating with my ex GF a couple of years ago also meant losing a whole circle of friends that i hung out with for almost 5 years. To pass time and not get too bored, Fridays and most weekends were spent playing Poker for two straight years. The same Poker players now have become my new circle of friends (Its really hard to have core friends especially growing up outside of this country, i think here, core friends are established in High School)..... My career, even though earning my superior's trust and confidence and not to mention a good raise (Company Standard-wise), i still consider stagnant. I lost the Supervisor position i've longed for to the only other applicant, a good friend of mine, Carlo. I can say without prejudice that i was happy for him, even though he was the only other applicant for the position he is as capable as anyone (and at this time he is doing an excellent Job).

Fitness-wise, except for when i was sick has been like clockwork. I've stuck with my regimen throughout the year. I still struggle to get myself motivated for the treadmill (although i've had it for over a year now and ran outdoors for a year prior). Its the only exercise that i do that still feels like a chore. I'm passionate about basketball (plus its fun) & lifting weights makes you feel and look good. I don't really consider Snowboarding exercise but its just downright fun.

Lovelife-wise, i've accomplished nothing. However, like a paradox, it was precisely what i wanted. No commitments, no heartaches, no implied dates and no whining (lol). For the better part of the year i was involved with a girl, it was mostly incognito (if u know what i mean), but it was fun while it lasted (keyword: FUN). Perhaps the most obvious motif with the women in my life in the year 2005 is the ubiquitous white guy... and no, its not only Jesica and Jaja that got me started, there were two other girls that i met and kind of liked that was either with a white guy or preferred white. It all crescendo'ed to Jaja's visit here in LA, after breaking up with John she started dating another white guy... this started my obstinate mission. And perhaps my greatest achievement in '05 is hearing Jaja say these exact words, verbatim " Hey remember when you asked me after breaking up with John if i actually preferred white guys or was John just accidental and i said Yes i do Prefer white guys? Well i lied to you :) " ... Yesssss, she said this 2 days after her visit haha.... her short visit here is the single most important and meaningful resolve in my lovelife (yes there is more to the Jersey Girl saga than what i've shared here in my blog...... and no i won't)

And without further ado, here are my top 5 moments of 2005
(in order of significance)
  • The frivolous yet important (for bragging rights) KPT Season 3 Championship
  • Buying my new carbon fibre snowboard
  • Finally going out with Jesica (to feel normal again)
  • Making friends
  • Jaja's fraught with meaning visit to LA (this tops my all time list, wow)

... and i like the way she signed her New Years E-Card to me "Love, Jaja & Sumo" Awwww, took my breath away.. okay relax!!! (Sumo is her inordinately spoiled English Bulldog)


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