Saturday, December 31

Highland Green

On my way home Wednesday night this vibration on my steering wheel started to develop, my shocks have given up, 103K miles on the same factory shocks, yes its outlived its lifespan. So i skip gym Thursday morning to get all four shocks replaced which took a half a day, apparently most of the mechanics in Van Nuys and San Fernando went on Vacation so i had to drive to Burbank where i originally purchased my tires. Its exactly where i didn't want to go because somehow when i purchased my tires there they neglected to do wheel balancing which caused me another trip back there and a 2 hour wait several days later. If you know anything about changing tires, wheel balancing is a requisite. Wheel balancing to changing tires is like formatting of a new hard drive, you gots to...

The ride is a little stiff, perhaps there is a break-in process. To make up missing my Thursday gym session i got up early on Friday. After 2 hours at the gym i had time to spare so i decided to fill up at the Unicol 76 on Nordoff just under the 405 freeway (cheapest gas in the Valley). As soon as i pulled up a Highland Green Honda Passport with Ski Racks pulls up at the pump right ahead of me, wow the car is exactly identical to mine (except for the ski racks), like my car had just found its twin sister (its even the somewhat rare & overpriced (for a midsize SUV), 1998 LS model). I found myself glued to my seat waiting to see what kind of person drives the same car i spent so much time and effort seeking (its no special car but the specific car i wanted, a 1998 Highland Green 4X4 LS model was the lone car on Sale in a 200 mile Radius). When the driver exited the car i was wide-eyed, she was this tall & beautiful Filipino girl, suddenly i was gawking. I prepared myself for the approach, i was going to say hi and perhaps talk about this serendipitous moment & our cars (and maybe snowboarding) hoping to make an instant connection. Then just as i was about to exit my car, in an immomentous & antagonistic turn of events a white guy excited the passenger side of the car to crumble my hopes, rather abruptly... Damn it, why must it be a white guy? LOL.

Well i pumped gas and got the hell out of there. At least she is a snowboard chick, she was even wearing a K2 sweater, so i don't feel too defeated. Hahaha!

Happy New Year everyone. Be safe.... thank God i live in LA and even without any specific plans there's lots of options. More than likely, me and the boys (those who aren't going Clubbing) will greet 2006 at a Bar in old town Pasadena... yes, White Girls!


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