Tuesday, January 3

A Winter Prayer

Winter is here, its been COLD, its rained the last 3 days here in California. Ski resorts all across America are open and its greeaaatttt!

The Sierra mountain ranges have received a blessing, an absolute skiers dream, an average 3 feet of snow in 3 days, some even a remarkable storm total of over 7 feet... seeeveeennn Feet, WOW!

But... but... but why, all this snow accumulation that Southern California resorts only get a scant 2 inches of snow? Have we been forgotten? This futile storm came with more than a 50% humidity average throughout the 4 days, which made it impossible to blow man-made snow because air needs to be as dry as possible to sustain made-made snow. Northern Californias three feet to So Cals 2 inches, there is something seriously wrong with this, like we've been cheated out of our share... it feels unfairly fragmented grrr!... And even though they raised the Season Pass prices this year i was still going to purchase one, however i had a premonition that the So Cal snow season was going to be retarded. I followed my instincts and waited it out, its now almost 6 weeks into the season and have only done 1 trip thus far. By this time last year i'd already spent away 5 trips... The good part is that i am heading up north in three weeks, but we still could use some good snow, locally, puhleeze!!

Damn it, i need this... i have other shit to worry about. COME ON SNOW!


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