Thursday, January 19

Love him... Hate him

Despite losing 5 in a row during Kobe Bryant's 2 game suspension the Lakers rallied back and won 6 out 7 (best in the NBA in the last 7 games) good enough for 3rd place in the Pacific Division at 4 games over .500. The best we could hope for this NBA season with this Laker squad is probably a 4th, 5th or at worst a 7th seed in the playoffs.

Kobe as expected is doing his thing. Averaging better than 34 per game (best in the NBA thus far and will probably continue barring injuries, God forbid). Lamar on the other hand is averaging 15 pts, over 10 rebounds and better than 5 assist per game... those are excellent stats for any team in the NBA despite what his worse critics say. These numbers guarantees any player a starting position anywhere. Gotta love him for that!

However what i do hate about Lamar is his less than copious focus during critical moments in the game. His lack of focus was on center stage tonight against the lack luster 11-11 home record of the Sacramento Kings. The Lakes were up 2 pts with 1 minute remaining, Kobe drives baseline, getting triple teamed Kobe dishes the ball out on the top of the key to a wide open Lamar Odom who drains a 3 pointer giving the Lakers a comfortable 5 pt lead... Miller makes 1 out 2 free throws after getting fouled driving to the basket, Lamar takes the ball down and as he crosses mid-court the clock read just over 32 seconds... you would expect the Lakers, now with a 4 point lead to use up the clock and give the ball to Kobe with maybe 10 seconds left. Instead, Lamar takes it strong to the hole and committing an inauspicious offensive foul... suffice it to say but this was a costly mistake because Mike Bibby sent the game to an overtime where the Lakers score a measly 2 points, losing the game.

Lamar also chose not to pass the ball to Kobe with 4.1 secs left in regulation with a tied game deciding to take the shot which he missed, badly. Doesn't he know Kobe makes these baskets with regulation? Love your stats Lamar but you cost us (Yes us... mother fucker) this game against a mediocre team because of a stupid, stupid mistake...


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