Sunday, March 19

My GQ Diatribe

I've worked every Sunday now for over three years. I figured i always dozed off while watching Formula 1 and Nascar (... besides Nascar has become preposterous... 34 races annually wtf?... and now two races in California... wtf?) . Plus there is entirely too much to watch and do on Sundays. Besides F1 and Nascar there's Champ cars (... formerly CART), Indy Cars now races Sundays (... used to be Saturdays which was way cool... i call it the Danika Patrick Syndrome), ALMS, Gran-am, drag racing etc etc... Then we've got Football, final round of the PGA (thats why i like Tennis man because a lot of the tv coverage from events such as the Australian Open or Wimbledon are aired either early in the morning or after prime-time... suits me better). Anyway theres just too much... so i work and take a week day off to do whatever (... of course the real reason is snowboarding, i just kept the sched year round)

Going to work on Sundays is like hanging out with people i don't particularly like hanging out with but are paid for my time therefore making it quite tolerable. Plus Sunday, not to mention, is the slowest day of the week. Besides the occasional client whos forgotten her password or the login website, the day is spent watching dvd's or reading a novel, car magazines, national geographic or the occasional Maxim or Filipino FHM (... if the covergirl is right that is coz who cares about content?? They aint cars hehe) .

Reading has always been a passion of mine and so on Sundays i've always got some kind of reading material. Well last Sunday i've already finished my latest novel and perused through all the monthly car mags and even the new SI swimsuit edition (... yes the only SI worth buying coz sports articles aren't compelling enough... they aint cars hehe). So instead of just my daily coffee at the 7eleven here in the scroungy city of Arleta i grabbed the only magazine worthy of plaudit from their news-stand selection. GQ had on the cover a woman model called Adriana Lima (... i heard Jennifer Anniston was the mags Man of the Year... euphemism??). If my memory serves me right, isn't Adriana only the second woman to make the cover, i could be wrong. But anyway above Adriana's picture in bold screamed "Love Sex & Madness... a special issue starring the world's most voluptuous virgin(!) Adriana Lima".

Well there wasn't any love nor sex. Adriana Lima if your familiar with her is a very beautiful woman, she is someone you might consider a quintessential model. Anyone whos ever had the pleasure of gawking at her pictures knows she is a perfect 10. However GQ's cover picture of Adriana, as enchanting as it is, the additional pictures inside are quite... hmmn how shall i say it, fucked up? Save for maybe 1 or 2 interesting articles i regret spending $3.99. To see Adriana with 5 other male models who are more naked that she is, ya thats fucked up. There was one solo shot of Adriana inside the mag but yes its the same one from the cover just without all the text. Did i miss something here? Why put five unclothed men to surround Adriana, her nipples are discernible through her tank top, isn't that good enough?? Did i miss something here?? I suppose that is the Madness part of the special issue, right? Wait what about love... and there is no fucking sex here, is there? Right, there is no sex, in fact Adriana (... she claims) is a devout Catholic who attends church every Sunday and for good measure is a Virgin (... and yes i read her interview. More on this later) . A chaste supermodel... (!?!?)

Her interview was fun to read. She said besides being a model she wants to be a pediatry (... uhmm a pediatrician you mean the GQ guy corrected). Okay she is Brazilian speaking her second language so i'll let her slide. Do you like children was the follow up question uhmm not really only when they are well behaved she responded (... okaay?) . Are you pro-life? Uhmm what is that? And she goes to church every Sunday?

Well my Mexican friend at work defended her honor. Maybe she's never heard of the term pro-life he argued after all she is Brazilian. He also mentioned being dumb makes her even hotter. Fuck it i agree...

Didn't they recently have Keith Ledger of Brokeback Mountain... forget i mentioned it...


At 7:41 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

this is not brokeback... this is fuckin gaaaaaaaaaayyyyy duuuuuuuuuuuuude... hi my name is marco

At 8:42 PM, Blogger Marc Gabay said...

calm down


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