Monday, February 27

Here comes the rain again.....

My winter song, by the Eurythmics Here comes the rain again comes to mind when it rains... and nevermind the Chorus the title say's it all haha. Its finally raining in February... Historically this month yields the most rain/snow but this year the month of February has been, at least for us snowboarders, a complete disappointment. Its the only February in my veritable snowboarding career that i didn't make at least one trip to Big Bear or Mammoth Mountain. Ironically it's the same Season i decided to buy a new board after 2 years of tinkering the idea. See buying a new snowboard, at least for the serious enough boarder, is a big deal. It's unlike buying new Tennis shoes or picking up a new cell phone where its just a matter of the cooler or economical choice. If you maintain your board there is no need for a new one other than maybe picking a new one for its color or cool graphics. For me buying a new snowboard meant a new challenge. Its a larger, lighter symmetrical freestyle snowboard that requires a significant amount of snow time to get acclimated with. Okay maybe i'm starting to sound a bit monotonous haha.

Well the forecast is rain on Monday and snow above 9000 feet which does us snowboarders no good. Might as well be flame throwers instead of snowmaking machines... I've constantly checked the weather forecast this month hoping for a drastic change, and strangely, even without any remote sign of snow, i've remained resolute. Stay positive i keep telling myself as if that somehow has a meteorological effect. I've even become familiar with the local channels weather man like Fritz Coleman and Dallas Raines... is that even his real name? In another befitting and ironical twist i recently i saw the movie Weather Man with Nicolas Cage and his fake ass hair, but he does own a Ferrari F40 and an Enzo so he's still cool about a non-metereologist weather man who badly predicts weather and often gets hit with a Big Gulp from 7Eleven or a shake from Wendy's by people that see him in public (... and no that is not the synopsis).

Tuesday is more rain and possible snow showers 1-2 inch total that may dip into the 6000 feet elevation. I suppose that's good news because its better than no snow potential and a low of 40 degrees but still doesn't make up for the February's relative warmth. I'm starting to feel melancholy about this month and maybe even panic. Winter will be over soon... Baseball has already started spring training and i've yet to satisfy my insatiable snowboarding appetite for the Season.

This Thursday might be my last trip to Big Bear at least for this Season if March is another swelter. Plus i don't think Kris, my long time snowboard partner is planning to go back this year. Not after buying a new home that he is yet to furnish. I really don't feel like going unless he goes anyway. He even traded the SUV for a small coupe...


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