Thursday, February 23

Ladies Giant Slalom

The Ladies Giant Slalom, my favorite event in the Winter Olympics... well next to women's figure skating. Haha what can i say i love watching them girls. Since the figure skating finals was Thursday night i consciously made an effort not to check ESPN online and TV during work so as not to spoil the event. But when i got home, even before the first skater, one of my dads friends Uncle Manny spoiled it all for me o tapos na ya ah, panalo Japan (thats a re-run Japan won Gold). Okaay thanks I said indignantly. So i skipped it and watched the Lakers beat up on Sacramento instead, with a sulky face.

Julia Mancuso from Squaw Valley (Lake Tahoe) led after the first run by a scant 18 hundreds of a second but extended her lead to more than a half a second (0.67) in the second and final run in a snow and fog laden track making a real unideal conditions for racing. Perhaps a blessing in disguise, Julia grew up and trains in Squaw Valley where the snow is so heavy its often called "Sierra Cement". Julia wore her tiara during the medal ceremonies... the same tiara she wore during the other events that earned her impudent criticism. Congratulations Julia, way to perform under pressure.


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