Wednesday, March 1

Poker Blog # 4: Season 6 Prediction

It seems we have a four man race The Four Horsemen. The confident Scott is running strong up front but with an uncomfortable 4 point lead on Allan the mechanic who is galloping to catch on (should be tied if Allan was not late for Game 3). Tied for third place is new guy Dennis the menace and Gerry Maguire. Right now as it stands Dennis and Gerry are trotting a good 17 paces behind err 17 points behind the leaders.

Scott is guaranteeing at least a 2nd place finish in the Championship (only top 2 are paid in the Season Purse). He understands that with only a 4 point lead, the Season is no Lock. In Game 7 he was tentative with his moves and uncharacteristically counted his chip stack constantly. This could spell disaster for him if he doesn't figure out a way to steer his focus away from the Championship, may i suggest more weed?? Allan's approach is vastly different from Scott's anxious and distressful manner. Allan just might pull this away from Scott's grasp because he is less likely to play tentative poker. Allan has been close to winning a Championship before... only Hana's incredible & improbable comeback spoiled his chance.

Dennis seems to be a serious contender. He was late for Game 1 of the Season but won the tournament then was once again late for Game 2. When he lost the lead in Game 3 he realized the 4 point tardy system was costing him valuable Championship points so he turned over a new leaf. He should only trail a manageable 9 points instead of a distant 17.

Gerry who is the perennial challenger and may very well be in the lead if he hadn't missed one tournament and was late twice (he finished even though missing 2 games a close 3rd last Season) still has a serious chance to win the Season if he can somehow make the rest of the games without being late.

Outside of the Four Horsemen. Randy in 4th place and Marc in 5th and anyone in 6th-8th places will need a miracle or a Hana-like comeback to have a chance to steal the Season. It is quite possible. In the last 4 games of Season Five, the top two in the race Allan and Mike who seemingly were running away with the points did not finish in the points paving the way for Hana's historic comeback. I have an eerie feeling that Allan and Scott are condemned to repeat KPT history...Everyone will be rooting against the leaders the rest of the way, it will not be easy... some may even put a bounty for an early knockout.

If anyone is rooting for anyone, i think Allan will have more supporters than Scott. Allan has been around since the inception of KPT personally i am impartial (But lets goooo Allan hahaha). Rolland is rooting for Scott, Jee and i have taken his action for a $50 bet that Scott doesn't win the Championshiop.

But at any rate i wish everyone goodluck, especially Scott and Allan. May the best man win....


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