Tuesday, March 7

Old people suck...

My mom's best friend whom she went to High School with and her husband visited Saturday evening. My mom prepared a delicious dinner. She made inabraw (an Ilocano Dish made with bagoong its fish sauce.. anyway its hard to explain just read) with shrimp, pancit with more shrimp and Filipino beef steak. The previous night i was out late with an old friend (... a woman yes) and my two scheduled basketball games in AFB League (American Filipino Basketball) were delayed 2 hours so i was extremely tired. I chucked my plans with some friends and decided to stay in for the evening besides the Pistons were in town to play our beloved struggling who i predict will finish only 4 games over .500 Lakers. At the start of the 4th quarter the Lakers went on an 18-0 run to lead by 9 points. Concurrently my father announced mangan tayon which means dinner is served. Naturally i went in not to join them for dinner for fear of do you have a girlfriend yet inquiries but to scout the food and to grab a beer from the fridge. Dinner looked good. With beer in hand I'll join you guys later i'm doing something on the computer i denounced. Even though i was starving...

The Lakers held on to win the game putting them 2 games over .500... I was proud of the team. 30 minutes after the game my mom and her best friend remained on the dining table chatting which made me think twice about dinner. Shortly after that with my tummy growling of hunger i conceded. But even before getting seated my mom's bestfriend ogled waiting to ask her perennial question. "Oo awan pay ti girlfriend mo" do you have a girlfriend yet? I smiled and said not yet auntie i need time (like Poker). She faced my mom and intently said "dagijay dudduma nga talaga nalabsan dan" some guys after a certain age can not get girlfriends. What the fuck i murmured but decided against defending myself. Is she serious?? For a second there i was almost convinced. Of course to consent to such a belief would be completely obtuse & dimwitted. I could not believe she muttered those exact words with me still in the room. I couldn't decide whether she didn't give a fuck or said it in complete solicitude. Either way i was perturbed.

She then continued and expressed concern about her own son who went 8 years and 6 years in between girlfriends. Good God i hope he was getting laid at least i thought... My other son however goes through girlfriends like they're on a conveyer belt she proudly mentioned. Good for him Auntie but frankly i don't give a shit about both your sons i annoyingly said (i'm kidding).

What is it with these old people? Being unmarried at 30 doesn't mean being unlucky or doomed... What makes them such experts? Being married for over 25 years? That hardly qualifies them a connoisseur. As a gross generalization Filipinos Marry their first boyfriends or girlfriends or in some cases their first date (in the Philippines mostly of course) . Now i do not fall under that generalization not for the risk of falling under the generalization but for reasons of, shall we say, sophistication and circumstance??.... its hardly my fault whether old Filipinos such as my parents or their friends agree or not, riiighhhttt??? Ughh!!! I don't know this for a fact but i'm willing to wager anything my moms friend married her High School or College sweetheart (perhaps even married by cyesis). Not that theres anything wrong with that but it certainly does not merit her the rite to condemn me unfit to find a woman. It's a most ludicrous presumption, don't you think?


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