Wednesday, December 6

Extra rice Please

It's an old Filipino Cliche'-- eating rice in every meal. A Vietnamese friend of mine said that Filipinos eat so much rice that a Filipino meal without rice is not a meal at all. I am not sure where he got this ridiculous rice proverb but it's really true haha. Sure Filipinos serve dishes that you don't normally eat with rice too, like "Chicken Mami noodle soup" for instance but it isn't really considered a meal, right? Since he offered a Filipino rice proverb i countered with my own Vietnamese Rice fact. Facetiously i asked " Did you know the Vietnamese word 'bua an' meaning 'meal' literally translates to Rice?". They don't have meals per se, they have Rice haha. He was really amused by this... Although this rice trait is true to most Asian Countries, the Filipinos are on top of the heap because like what the Viet Guy said, a Filipino meal is not a meal without Rice...

Stemmed from childhood, rice is much a part of the Filipino culture as the B'nai Mitzvah to the Jewish or the annual 'Our Lady of Guadalupe' procession in Mexico City, though not quite the same level of cultural significance. But yet, rice is not only a primary crop to the Philippines, in fact it is quite a bit more than that. Rice crops is livelihood to the impoverished which by sheer demographic comprises significantly more than half of the country. Conceptually, Rice is as vital to the Philippines as the cocoa leaves is to Columbia, lol. Surely profound in difference but in effect, compelling all the same... Our poor in the rural regions own nothing but a piece of land grow rice and rely on the annual rains to come plentiful for their crop to thrive and for a bountiful harvest. These people still practice today what our ancestors did hundreds of years ago to survive and provide for their family, and that is important to remember... Rice is livelihood, provider of life and nourishment, a legacy... The rice grains account for 80% of calories consumed by 2.7 billion Asians, or half of the worlds population including the entire Philippines (this is fact). They actually have an Institute in the Philippines dedicated solely to teaching people on how to grow rice plus Research and Development, how amazing is that? Their goal is to address one of the worlds biggest and most basic scientific challenges; how to feed the hungry...

You'll often see me or most Filipinos order extra rice when dining out because Rice portions even at most Filipino restaurants is nonsensically small. It's like the Filipino culinary oxymoron or something. At Max's Chicken in Glendale for instance, perhaps the most recognizable Filipino restaurant, serves a cup of Rice per single combo, isn't that kind of absurd? Imagine ordering a plate full of Carne Asada combo at a well known Mexican Restaurant that only came with one flour tortilla, wouldn't that be stupid? If the Philippines have anything in abundance, it's Rice, so why they serve small Rice portions is unjustifiable even in symbolism. If anything they should be serving abnormally large amounts, because although serving food in over abundance is also nonsensical, it tends to promote loyalty. Isn't loyalty what matters most in the restaurant business? Moreover i like to think that i am serving my country and my forefathers by consuming an adequate amount of Rice per meal... Haha not really-- I'm just a Rice eating mofo...


You might be wondering why there's another iteration of this "Rice" blog, well i was inspired to blog about it again because this guy at work took notice to my fondness to Rice. We usually, as a Department (6 guys), order lunch together and i guess all i ever want is something with Rice lol.


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