Thursday, March 1

The last of the Willie Mammoths

This will be the last of my Mammoth Blog entry saga, swear to God (with Mexican accent... inside joke). Believe it or not i was halfway though a new Mammoth Blog entry several days ago when i felt a sudden inkling to stop. With fingers still nestled on the DELL keyboard, i thought to myself "this makes six entries... do i really need another one.. hmm... no one is really reading my shit". With those thoughts in mind i became uninspired and immediately deleted the entry, emphatically (meaning the Delete button was HIT very hard).

So why in Gods Snowy Sierra Nevadas am i blogging about the Mammoth trip once again? Well, quite honestly, coz' that shiet was fun yo... Those four days turned in a lifetime of Memories. You see it's not solely about the Snow or the Vacation Destination, not the Snowboarding, heck not even about the mythical Jersey Girl. Quite frankly, the snow was disappointing, the Snowboarding was far less thrilling than expected, and the Jersey Girl, well, still mythical... The real snow came the week after (damn it, i think i am losing my touch...). The best part of the entire trip was the laughter, notwithstanding the pain from falling (even Jersey Girls agonizing spill did not deter). We laughed from Burbank, to Denny's, to Vons, to the Bunny Slopes, to 13,000 feet on the summit, to the humongous variety of Filipino music i didn't know i possessed, to Nols singing "Hawak kamay" all the time, to Jaja's Tequila Face, to Adrian farting profusely etc... We laughed for 4 1/2 straight days...

It is rare that kids like us, kids that grew up from the same small town in the Philippines, who attended the same High School, and then subsequently have Migrated to the US, get to see each other, let alone spend four days and three nights together, laughing. It's really almost a miracle of sorts (as oppose to a big coincidence). Call me sappy or mawkish but i suspect this jaunty good looking group of kids will never be together again (at least not with the Jersey Girl). This makes the trip a sentimental favorite. Family and dear friends snowboarding together, falling, eating, drinking, bunking under the same roof, and more importantly enjoying the time together... In due time, all we'll have are the pictures and the laughter awwww. That is okay though, because no matter what, whether the same group convene again to trek Mammoth or not, we will always have the memory of the laughter filled' 2007 trip, irrevocably.

This trip in more ways than one, though i hate to admit and have denied numerous times, was probably the most fun ever. I couldn't stop laughing today when Adrian IM'd me the link to the hilarious video clips he'd uploaded to YouTube. The videos really got to me, it was like the binding or the ultimate arbitrator to the untold debate of which Mammoth Trip is best or most memorable, thus far. It certainly made a strong case if nothing else...

In the clip you can hear Adrian say "wow look at all those snows", a joke of some sorts I'm sure, but fobbishly funny nonetheless. My truck was deceivingly fast in the flick for some reason. We were going no more than 35 mph even though Adrian suggested an absurd speed of 2000 mph which is faster than the speed of sound, it's like Mach 2... Nols running in place while singing "Hawak Kamay" was outrageously funny and sooo stupid that you can't help but watch it over and over again (in the background you can hear the Jersey Girl utter the word Gay repeatedly). Quite talented that girl, although, i think she failed miserably at her attempt to imitate Axl Rose singing Sweet Child O'Mine on the other Video hahaha. And i love that my entire left arm and only my left arm was included in the clip, thank you Adrian-- You Rock...


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