Wednesday, September 22

Trains Tracks, Bicycles, Tattoos, Cigarettes, Nude

Although I feel as if I now have my own brand of artistic nude photography, I think my inspiration will forever be Gary Breckheimer. This man is some kind of genius! He is as bold and as he is amazingly good with conceptualizing ideas, and not to mention his composition that is beyond reproach....

What I really like to do when I scout and finally when I shoot my nude scenes is that how I may possibly integrate the intangibles. Or, to put it another way how I can benefit from potential oncoming people-traffic, car, trains, etc... It used to be, or at least in the first few times people and or cars stepped right into my frame during a shoot, it was a total accident. Or in some cases a happy accident because the intangibles turned out to be an exciting element that sort of gave the photo a welcome added dimension. And so as a result (after it sort of kept happening...) I decided I would use these sometimes welcome disruptions and actually prep and seek them out during my scouting.

In the case of this recent "Train-track-bicycle-nude" scene, I went out and scouted twice. My notes included the following data: Somewhat deserted past 6 pm, infrequent police, awesome light at 6 pm (disappearing around 6:50 pm), beautiful orange glow over L.A. high rises, most importantly a south bound Pacific Union train at 6:45 (integrate on shoot).

Predictably my beautiful model was a little late (but not too bad I forgive her...) and I was a little bit surprised that there was quite a bit more traffic than previous days (but more importantly manageable). There were some security guards from neighboring businesses who (luckily for us) didn't interrupt and seemed intent to be watching from a distance. Ashalynn (the model) was as good as advertised which was a real benefit because when shooting such scenes when time is of the essence you really gotta nail it fast!

And although the 6:45 train arrived three minutes ahead of schedule (thank God I didn't miss it!) I was prepared to shoot. Ashalynn pulled off the pose exactly as I wanted it too (as seen in the first photo which is my favorite and will be published on my Flickr). I loved the train Engineer on the photo who excitedly yelled out Wohooo while taking a photo for herself with a cell phone. That was the nice intangible I didn't expect on this shoot....

And oh guess what? A Police car rolled through just as soon as we finished. Uncanny huh?

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Here are some photos of her flashing the south bound Amtrak (Her idea!!)

Here are some behind-the-scene photos taken by my good pal Mori (Thanks again for the photos man!!)


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