Sunday, April 2

To Blog or not to Blog

Thanks to Beyonce the word bootylicious is in the Dictionary. Of course we've heard the term before she used it as a song title but not til then did Dictionary made it an official word in the American language. It is explained in that the etymology of the word is booty+delicious. The word "delicious" we all know but the word booty in its old sense means "plunder, goods or money obtained illegally... as in time of war for instance". So how did it ever come to mean "buttocks or ass"? can explain... [African American Vernacular English, from obsolete Black English booty, body, perhaps alteration of body.] or basically a black word.

Another interesting word in the dictionary is the disparaging word for a Mexican who crossed the border illegally, a wetback. The interesting part is not the etymology but the synonyms; greaser and taco. Taco? Mexicans don't even know this. I think "taco" being a synonym of a disparaging word is more offensive than the disparaging word itself. Thats like making "rice" a synonym to the word or acronym FOB (if it were to make in the Dictionary as an actual word) to an illegal refugee.

Anyway the word Blog is an official word in the American language. It means to "to author an online diary or chronology of thoughts" I like the sound of that very much. The word Blog came from web log. I first was exposed to web-blogs by my cousin Adrian to whom by decree i exist online. His site (currently under constant construction) to which will never amount to has been an inspiration to me. I went to his website constantly, reading his blogs, wanting more needing more. It was like a drug, i was addicted. When he didn't write blogs i felt lonely. For some strange reason only Adrian's blog mattered to me and never even occurred to me that other interesting people might be blogging as well. And so i started searching for other peoples blogs on the internet to fulfill my blog innuendo. To my great surprise, there is a blog revolution i never knew about that Adrian never cared to mention, there are blog communities peculiar to race, hobbies, sports and anything under the sun... So i read and read and read and read to my hearts content. I now read many peoples blog, limited of course to the interesting ones. Ultimately this became my inspiration to blog myself.

Initially i had a blog identity crisis. I didn't know what to blog about. My first three blogs that i wrote were immediately taken down after publishing. Every time i wrote about something i drew a blank, my mind would just flutter. I also discovered that i'm not a writer (lol). For the life of me i couldn't finish anything. So after accepting the fact that i'm not as talented as the people who's blogs i read i decided to blog about Poker, something i'm fairly familiar with. Concurrently KPT's Season Five had just ended so i blogged about that... my blog was born.

What occurred to me after my inaugural blog was that it was fairly easy writing it. It had nothing to do with the fact that i was writing about poker neither. My second entry was about snowboarding, that went fairly easy as well. My 3rd one about my trip to Pechanga with Marco and Kris. By the time i've reached my 20th entry and failing to finish another 10 or so blogs that i started and due to lack of ideas never finished, i had enough basic knowledge and material to quantify and figure out what i'm capable of blogging and what i'm not. I realized then it was not only a matter of talent or lack there of that made me fail to complete some of the blogs i started. The blogs i couldn't finish were ideas or topics that did not particularly have any bearing to me or any factual life account. The blogs i was inspired to finish and was able to write with relative ease were anecdotical. Hence my blog was re-titled from Koolgreen Blogs to The Koolgreen Anecdotes.

So now over 140 entries later, with two full time readers (haha) and despite no constant commenting from the peanut gallery, blogging came very easy. Comments are nice but i never particularly cared for them. I read on a daily basis an average of 7-10 blog entries from blogger friends but hardly ever leave a comment. Commenting is never based on the quality or humor of a particular entry but rather the visceral effect or how i relate to the subject. Otherwise blogging and reading blogs is merely another form of entertainment...

In that same token the real joy in writing blogs (for me anyway...) is not the actual finished published blog or whether someone commented but rather in writing the blog itself. It's like the stout Mountain Climbers who scale the highest peaks. They don't speak much or tell stories about the view on the summit but instead the arduous trek up the mountain that took several days. In other words its the journey not the destination. Haha well blogging is not quite that grand a scale or physically trying but its somewhat analogous, right?


At 11:54 PM, Blogger zenmasta said...

it is a gift...

At 11:14 AM, Blogger Marc Gabay said...

If its a gift, does it get you laid? Shiet.....

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