Friday, April 13

The 30 mile Lunch Part II

After playing my weekly Thursday night Basketball Game (9 pm) i came home to an empty house. My parents were lamenting yet another Laker loss to the less-storied Clipper franchise at the Staples Center while my sister was out for Sushi with her always fashionable friend Lisa. This left me to clean up the mess my Poker friends did to my toilet (clogged and overflowed it). The plumber was already finished when i arrived so all i had to do was disinfect the contaminated areas which somehow took over two hours because i guess i kept doing it over and over. For some reason i wasn't convinced i'd eradicated all the bacteria that have germinated my Poker room even though the pungent smell of anti-bacterial chemical was overwhelming. At 12:30 am i was finally half-convinced but still had to shower and was yet to have dinner. Realizing it was late i skipped dinner and went to bed after my shower...

When i woke up the next day i was starved and so when i got to work i immediately started lobbying for an early early Lunch. Alex jumps at the idea of lunch at any given time so he agreed instantaneously, Scott was oblivious. Jim, the other white guy was still not in the office but i was able to get a hold of him by cell. Although he wasn't going to be in for a while (DMV) he liked the early lunch proposition (this is around 9:30 am). My original idea was Denny's which was effectively changed to Thai Food once Erik (the other Filipino guy) chimed in not a few minutes later. Although i didn't appreciate Erik's reprove, Pad Thai sounded yummy... I had to call Jim back to tell him the sudden change of plans while Scott and the rest of the guys debate on more lunch options. Popeyes and Chinese was thrown around a bit and so was Korean BBQ just to stir it up a bit more... Then, in a bizarre twist of culinary pandemoniac, Erik who supersedes everyones ranking admonished all our exotic Lunch ideas and made an Executive Decision. "NO" he said with Authority, "We are having Filipino Food" (but... Thai was his stupid idea!).... and off we went (lol).

So we hop into the Chevy Tahoe this time and drove East Bound (30 miles geez) to squalid but restaurant replete Van Nuys City in the Valley (the home of Pornography). Due to very light traffic it took no time at all to get there, well, at least to the exit because once through the exit it's a different story. Anyway we got nothing fancy this time, we got the basic Pancit, Beefstik, Tocino, Lechon Kawali and a sack of rice. Naturally the white folks got their own combo plates just so things are less complicated. Alex (The Mexican) on the other hand dug in there like he was himself a Filipino (this delighted me greatly), i mean he even ate the stuff (Okoy...) Erik and i bought and was sure no one would dare touch (lol).


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