Friday, May 30

Strike a Pose

Shooting models (albeit start-up models) on-location had been a far-fetched maybe even a crazy idea. So far-fetched in fact that up until a few months ago, shooting a model was no where near the "to shoot" agenda. I was content with shooting landscapes, friends, family, dogs, cars, and candid portraits because those were easily available anytime at all and perhaps because i was not very confident with my ability (or lack there of...).

The good thing is that although I lacked confidence and experience, my newfound passion for photography was absolute and my hunger to learn not only about shooting but the technical and other aspects of photography is insatiable. These are all essential things for anyone who is serious about photography because being hungry means being actively involved. I bring my camera everywhere I go nowadays. Yes even to work. Because a good photo op could prop up at any time.

Speaking of great photo ops, I began to think about possibly shooting actual models in the beginning of March. And not because i thought I had become good enough, but because I am a hands-on kind of a student. I mean photography classes are fundamental i know but as most things in life, experience is what matters most and i tend to agree with the philosophy. That said, i wasn't about to make a fool of myself by hiring an experienced full-time Model to help me learn how to do a Photoshoot hands-on. So i did the next best thing. I asked some of my pretty friends and a couple of freelance model friends of friends who said they'd be delighted to do it (for free!). That way if i screwed up, at least i won't feel too stupid about it or i hadn't spent any money doing so...

Of course a couple of months later I was still waiting around for them to make some time for a shoot. Who the hell needs that? It was frustrating to say the least because i was very eager to shoot and learn some new things and gain some experience. Although in the end it turned out to be okay because i was able to channel my frustrations into something positive. Yeah so instead of waiting around for my friends to help me out, I looked into how amateur photographers like myself would actually go about getting in touch with Models without looking like a Pervert. A legitimate way. But before coming up with that logic I did something really brilliant. I asked this cute girl at work if she would model for me, and don't worry it wasn't entirely random because we actually know each other. She was really nice and gracious about declining my proposition. But she really made me feel like a Pervert hahaha.

Anyway i really felt and believed that shooting Models on-location was the natural progression to this. It's not to suggest that i had mastered all of the other types of shoots i had done, I have not. In fact I am far from it. I just knew that it would be fun and challenging to shoot models. And I think I have found not only a new hobby but have discovered a new artistic side of me. Who'd thought?

Check out the rest of Kelly's Sets and other models HERE (more models to come later...)

... Oh by the way. The cute girl at work who'd graciously declined my strange Photoshoot proposition had a complete change of heart after seeing the surprisingly decent outcome of my first ever model shoot. She practically begged me to shoot her (She's even taking a day off just to shoot!). Oh yeah, she even threw-in her roommate for the shoot who she says used to do Runway to boot. And she wasn't bashful about the roommates looks either, says she is very pretty, tall, skinny, and has beautiful green eyes...

How about that?


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