Friday, April 25

A night of Breast

I was asked to document a graduation ceremony of a good friend of mine. I feel very lucky because not only am i an amateur photographer that could use the exposure, i have never done this kind of work before- flash photography indoors-. In fact i had just purchased my flash gear (Canon Speedlight 430 EX and some diffusers) just a couple of weeks before and have not had a lot of chances to use it. Luckily though i was invited to the rehearsal the night before which i thought was a great opportunity to get familiar with the venue. Didn't need any surprises you see. I met with their excessively polite Class President Grace (very cute though) who was in-charge of hiring the photographer and their Professor. They gave me some good input and it didn't seem like they had very high expectations which really made me feel comfortable about this foyer, and the meeting well less business-like.

First and foremost let me just say that this class of would be noble nurses is filled with some cuties. It's almost sinful being there and i don't think i would need to explain that. I have had the privilege of hanging with some of these lovely ladies before (remember the Brazilian wax incident?) so when i arrived i got some wonderful hugs and half-kisses. This makes it really fun when you shoot people who aren't shy about being photographed and of course it never hurts that they don't look half bad either...

So the evening commences and i struggle a bit with lighting and flash-compensation but it became a real good way to prepare myself not only for the main show the next evening but for my experience overall. I discovered that there is actually need to constantly adjust flash-compensation in such low-light events (but i wont bore you with the details k?).

What was really interesting about that evening though was not so much the flash compensation and my struggles with the low-light situation, but all of the Breast exposure... I shall explain that... I'm pretty sure we've all experienced this before but what is it with women that rub their breast on you when, say, they stand next to you, or in my case that evening when peering at the LCD of my DSLR of pictures I'd just taken of them. What is that? Maybe i should provide some examples? Okay there was this girl who came right up next to me to view her "shot" in my camera and i swear she planted her breast right above my elbow. I felt somewhat guilty (I don't know why...) so i sort of pulled back slowly and carefully hoping that I didn't possibly offend her as i did (weird sentiment i know...). This made me really curious as to why this kind of science of the breast occurs (If it even is a science). I mean guys-- how many times has this happened to you when a girl seems not to mind at all that her breast is resting somewhere on your shoulder or arm or some part of your body? Well at least for a few seconds. The disappointing part about this body language though is that nothing really happens afterwards. It's like an elaborate song and dance without a climax. Or better, like a waste of time. Why couldn't be there at least some show of gratitude by the men or perhaps by the women? Like hey did you enjoy that by the way? Legitimize it is what i am saying....

Anyway, although i pulled away from the breast my curiosity led me back to it. I wondered if the rubbing of the breast was intentional, accidental, or just pure luck. And I thought there was only one way find out, and that was to place my elbow right back where it just was. Test it out so to speak. After all she was still standing there (only about 2 minutes had past anyway...). The test was successful i am glad to announce. She didn't mind at all that I seemingly positioned my elbow right in the underbelly of her left breast intentionally. And although the test was a success it is still inconclusive, this theory of mine. First of all, did she knowingly or unknowingly plant her breast on my elbow? And if it was unknowing did she then realize it after the fact and left it there anyway? Or do certain things such as their photographs somehow make them forget where their breast lay?

There wasn't only one instance of this that night by the way, there was four. Which by the way completely invalidated my theory that the first girl actually wanted me lol. It's too bad because a good friend of my mine who proclaimed God blessed her with a beautiful rack said that "a girl always knows where her breast is....". Awesome quote i might add. And i'm not going as far as to say all four girls liked me therefore they gave me breast! Because that would seem far fetched, correct? Maybe possibly women are at times incapable of keeping track of their breast in certain scenarios. Perhaps when their brain is "wrapped in thought" (again like looking at their Photograph) their breast wander free.

My conclusion is that it is all relative. When a girl lays her breast on a certain guys body part it doesn't necessarily mean that it means anything at all. Certainly not that night when I was somewhat partially the center of attention. Fleetingly popular if you will. Because i held the devise that would capture an important and momentous evening of their lives, they felt a certain connection with me. So much so that it mattered not where their breast lay even for a moment (Damn that sounded almost poetic didn't it? But like what my well-endowed friend Melissa said "If there is something to be poetic about, breast are good..."). I think that pretty much sums up that evening of Breast. All the other times in our lives (Men in general) when this kind of body language occurred, I'm sure there was a perfectly good reason that is perhaps similar to mine. Those women in relationships (married or not) aren't necessarily flirting with you in any means, it just means they're comfortable around you and may not even be aware that their breast sits atop your shoulder. And if they were aware it just doesn't mean anything okay? That said, in some cases they mean to place it precisely where they intend to. Whatever that means you know?


At 9:13 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

women give you the rub up to flirt and think they can get away with it and you won't notice. Hello?? You're a warm blooded man! You'll notice. They know you will and it excites them to see your reaction. It could be harmless, but you never know.......


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