Monday, January 12

Mammoth Mountain Classics

Aside from all of the amazingly fun terrains that Mammoth Mountain has to offer year in year out, the trips are almost always uniquely fun and sometimes disastrously memorable. The real disaster last year of course was the unforgettable Thai Food haha! But we'll take that over any injuries and or mishaps... "Jaja!!!" cough* cough*...

The fun really began looong before the trip was ever conceived. And the axiom that folks who overstated their interest in the trip are the same folks who ended up not going after all couldn't be more true than on this trip. And although I was prepared to set up a small Four Man trip if I had to, I was really hoping for 8 or 9 just because it is more fun that way. My cousin Adrian the ever hopeful guy seemed certain that something like 8 of his cool co-workers were ready to commit to the trip. Ha sound familiar? (Sorry Adrian but I am bashing your asss lol) This meant his large party couldn't stay with my modest one because I was pretty much unwilling to stay outside of Mammoth Sunshine Village which can only accommodate a max of 8 people their largest units (same place i have been staying for many years now...). Not for loyalty reasons mind you but for pricing...

My other cousin Benson on the other hand was just being a brat. He wouldn't commit to the trip citing I couldn't guarantee snow. Snow?! We seriously had that conversation if that makes any sense at all. I told him earnestly that nothing is guaranteed and that he couldn't afford to miss the trip anyway. "Why?" he asked curiously... Well because he didn't have a pregnant wife like Kris and Conrad does nor did he need to stay behind to close Escrow for a property he'd just purchased like Brynner nor did he have any real good reason not to go. A sentiment he couldn't disagree with. "Okay I will get the time off" he committed.

Well I suppose I should stop talking about people who couldn't go or demanded the unreasonable... For all of the promises Adrian ended up bringing just 1 co-worker (don't ask...). An interesting one though because she looked pretty from day one on. It was like watching a movie. You know how heroines in movies always looked really good whether they just got out of bed (like Pretty Woman appropriately enough) or had just spent several days in the rain forest (Romancing the Stones)? Yeah that is basically her... It was actually impressive because even after a long day of falling on her bums and knees on the hard man made snow, at the end of the day she looked as fresh as a daisy. It was unbelievable! But anyway she ain't just a pretty face because the girl can cook a mean breakfast. Besides you can't fault someone for looking good, can you?

My long time snowboarding and mountain biking pal Stan has been a staple of these trips (save for maybe a couple) and i was very happy that he made it. I couldn't explain it to you but I seem to be lost without him or Kris around. In fact the only two trips without either of those two had been almost disastrous. He did express his displeasure for the lack of fresh snow more than a few times throughout the trip (although there was plenty i thought ...). Finally when I couldn't take it anymore I told him to Yell at Adrian because those less than awesome dates were actually his picks lol. He almost gave me an incredulous look but I made a promise to make it up to him...

It was fun guys as always. Thanks to Mori for picking up the Hobby and keeping us all entertained with his wacky stories (like sliding 7500 yards down a Black Diamond lol) and taking pictures of anything under the sun, or on my head for that matter. To Benson for being Benson... like getting lost twice and being such a pain like all younger brothers or cousins are... To Adrian for being my family and friend and to his ever gracious and loving girlfriend Trixy (the Salmon was pretty good as usual Trixy!). To Stan for pushing the envelop even when we are absolutely dead tired already and for always sharing my enthusiasm for the snow. And finally to Michelle for her colorful personality and for tolerating the boys (Particularly Mori. Buwhahahahah).

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