Sunday, September 26

Nude. Fashion District. Alley

This wasn't so much a bold nude photoshoot day in L.A. unlike the last two, whereby, the locations were completely out in the open (China Town & Train Tracks between 1st and 4th Street). This day was relatively safe... It all started out in a parking structure that is closed to the public on the weekends (Thanks to Bradford who owns a clothing store in the Fashion District building). This part of the shoot though wasn't part of the agenda for me but rather for my buddy Bradford who was in need of some raw and edgy fashion stuff (He'd just purchased the magnificent 5D). But of course that didn't stop me from shooting some of my own version of it. Although I don't think I had quite achieved neither the Raw or the Edgy... but, well, that's okay because those aren't really my forte and or brand of photography. Let's just say I dabble in it every so often when the opportunity presents itself. Obviously I prefer to play outdoors with the Big City as a backdrop...

I am glad we had the opportunity to shoot with Ashalynn today (same as my Train Track model btw if you couldn't tell) because it allowed me to cross off "Alley" on my list of concepts and locations. A concept that wasn't as complex, as, say, the China Town and Train Track shoots each requiring a few days of scouting. This was a simple Smash & Grab job if you will... Or is it? As it turns out it was a little more exciting that I had expected (this Alley is usually deserted past 5 pm). We arrive at the location welcomed by several Fire Engines and a few LAPD Squad Cars sprawled along the street where the alley lay (There appeared to have been some kind of an issue inside one of the stores across the way from the alley). It was certainly an inauspicious beginning for my shot of the day. But, rather than turning around and shooting at a backup location I'd decided to continue-on treading carefully. Being incognito it seemed (and you really have to be in my trade) was out of the question. At least not while I had a camera around my neck, a guy lugging around a prop chair, another with a conspicuous robe in hand, and a beautiful model wearing close to nothing. And as bold as I think I am this was a little too close for comfort (although I will admit, I'm still curious as to how much trouble I can get into). Meh lets do it!

And you know what those guys didn't even care... Well, at least the Fire Fighters (I think the cops stayed in their cars anyway with possibly an obscured view). In fact one of my guys even overheard one of them yell out "Photoshoot!"...

My two favorites from the Alley:

Yes yes i cut off her feet and I want to kill myself now :(

Some retarded fashion photos:

My good friend Frank being retarded:

Behind the scenes:


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