Thursday, October 7

Santa Ana River Fork

As you may imagine, with all of my Artistic Nude work this year, I have become somewhat of a local celeb at least inside of my circle of friends, and naturally with that has come a slew of Nude Shoot suggestions ranging from the borderline smut to the downright retarded. I welcome many of these suggestions and in fact have applied some (but very few) but a good handful of them just aren't faithful to the theme of the project. That theme of course is peculiarity to the Urban Los Angeles. Basically what I want in the photos is instant recognition (at least to the folks here and around L.A.). I want my audience, at least people that have somewhat frequented some of these charming L.A. spots to see it once again in a different perspective (My Perspective). And for those who haven't seen these surrounding areas (Industrial, Toy, Artist Districts etc), well I want them to know that L.A. has a lot of charm and character outside of what has been gentrified, if not my Juxtaposition of the nude female form vs the L.A. environment project...

That said, I haven't abandoned what has kept me from doing what I do and why I do it. From the time I began to take this somewhat seriously, I've longed to become a dynamic Photographer. One that can shoot with good proficiency in varying styles and formats. I love to shoot Landscapes, Street Candids, Portraiture etc etc etc... I think my true love though will always remain in the streets and will probably dabble in fashion and or glamor every so often...

One of my faves over the last few years has been this brilliant man Julian Humphries (based out of Austin, Texas). He is so uniquely talented, you know the kind of a Photographer that never seizes to amaze? That is him! I sort of hate him in a way because with every work that he publishes, I wished I had taken it. Yep that's how good he is... Anyway for as long as I can remember, I've hoped to do similar work. I mean not in the way he composes or processes his work but rather the locations and themes, particularly his provocatively beautiful Water Nymph theme. And I knew when I would finally do it, I would pay homage much as I did with Gary Breckheimer when I began my nudes (The man who inspired my nudes). I knew also that I would pay it as much attention and proper provision as I do with nudes because only then will I feel I have done it properly...

Well first things first when embarking on a new project. I need the right model! In this case however she isn't a model in the classic sense nor is she the quintessentially tall and thin . In fact she's not a model at all but rather a friend of a model whom I'd work with before. I knew immediately the first time I laid eyes on her that I wanted to shoot her. I find her irresistibly beautiful behind the lens of my camera. You know I really can't put a finger on it as to why I find her that way. But that is precisely why I want to shoot her! I mean lets face it there are countless beautiful women out there whether model or not and it isn't always necessarily the most beautiful women a Photographer like myself long to shoot but rather something that is seemingly intangible about her. There's just something about the girl.... In fact I have tried conceptualizing two other themes for this girl in the past, I just couldn't get it right. I just knew I had to shoot her... But now I am certain, she is my Water Nymph for sure!

I have spent the last four days scouting for the perfect location too because that is just as important as the model and the theme. Four lakes and two rivers!

And finally the one. Nestled in the mountains of San Bernardino (about 45 miles from Big Bear Mountain). I give you the pristine Santa Ana River Fork:


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